Questions about Discourse and its functions

Actually I want the opportunity to engage in the Forums Posting #Grindset and to be able to get my level up THE REAL WAY like a TRUE GAMER


I bumped you up to level 2 so you should be able to edit your recent posts now. You can read here to try and understand the editing Understanding Discourse Trust Levels


Thanks, I tried editing this post to get rid of the image url appearing in strikethrough after the image, and while it looks fine in the editor preview once I saved it it seems to be showing as a broken image link?

I’ve had a look at the trust levels thing, still pretty confused. I guess I’ll get used to it all in time. Seems pretty wild that getting to level three requires you to have read a quarter of all threads and a quarter of all posts in the past 100 days. I guess I will never be a regular.

I just edited your post to fix the image. you were missing a / at the end of the tag with the html tag you need to do <img src"" /> or <img src""> </img>. Hope that makes sense! You could also download and reupload the image and the link will also be fixed s well.

I wouldn’t worry too much about the trust levels. They are mostly there to work as a form of self moderation on the forum.

Ah right. It’s been a while since I used html directly.

Edit: actually it still seems to be busted:

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Thank you for all the work on migrating the forum!

I also find the trust levels a bit confusing. For example for trust level 2 it says:

“Daily like, edit, and flag limits increased by 1.5×”, but no base number is given. Is the base number chosen by the owners of the specific forum?

Also in general, are these restrictions set in stone within the discourse software or can they be changed by the owners of a specific forum?

For example, I don’t really understand why editing your own older posts needs to be a special privilege only granted to people with a high trust level. If I was reading through an old post of mine and saw a typo I might decide to fix it, not really sure why this a problem? I guess, people can abuse the system and make old conversations unintelligible by completely changing their old posts, but it doesn’t seem likely to be a big issue, it never was on the old forum where one could always edit old posts as far as I am aware.

I don’t post that often, but I tend to edit longer posts a number of times when I do (within the first day or so of submitting the post), which is not an issue within the “basic user” restrictions, as far as I understand?


This is probably a long shot and it’s almost certainly not high priority for most users, but would it be possible to migrate drafts to the new site? I had exactly one draft I was holding onto for later.

A question: Are there plans to migrate post likes? I feel like it’s important to the context of a thread. The Internet Archive doesn’t seem to do well with Flarum, either, so it’d be a shame to lose all that to history…!

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That is definitely impossible right now! If there is a draft you want to keep I would say log into copy the draft and make a draft here.

I agree! I’m not sure there is a path forward with that right now. After we ship Demonschool I can try to take a look.


I would have, but the old forum doesn’t show any drafts.

Wow! I will try to investigate that at the weekend.

Mamma mia, you’re a busy one… Respect be upon thy name.


hey so hmm could I also change my username to my previous one lol (diogo)

I’m having this same issue. Can’t edit my old posts that contain images, because it breaks said images.

I rarely post here but someone requested a password change for my account 4 hours ago twice in 3 minutes. Would this have anything to do with a recent forum change? This never happens to me so I’m not sure how to investigate.

Hi, apologies for that. People were sent password reset requests because the passwords were reset in the move. If you can login feel free to ignore it!

thank you!!!

Oh lovely! I thought that might be a reason. Thank you!

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you can take the image info that’s there and replace it like this

![image description](