Questions about Discourse and its functions

slowly turning knobs to get my goldilocks Insert Credit Forum experience here (lots of nice features, loving all the recent tweaks the staff has made – thank you for all of it). I think the one very tiny thing that’s poking at me are the varying shades of orange reply counts – they indicate how “hot” a thread is based on likes, near as I can tell? is there any way to disable that in my preferences and just see regular ol (uniformly colored) reply counts?

hi I looked into this briefly and couldn’t seem to recreate it on any device I tried. I’ll try and take a look more concretely when I have more free time. but if you’ve any other information that might help please lemme know. thanks!

should be gone now.


Just noticed this - could it be possible you’ve zoomed a tiny amount on the page and it’s cutting it off?
I noticed this when we first moved and hadn’t realised I zoomed in until I closed it and reopened the page randomly and it was back to normal.

it sure is and I love it! Thank you for addressing such a small thing, it’s really feeling pretty homey in here

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If it helps, I’ve been having the same issue as safety_lite using Firefox on iOS 16, iPhone SE 2020 (smaller screen than iPhone 12 Mini). The composition window opens “already zoomed in.” And I can’t speak for safety_lite but I wonder if this is related: at times I will get a bug which places the portion of the composition window containing the typing cursor behind the keyboard interface (sometimes, not all the time).

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Just quickly adding that I get the same, in iOS Safari. It only happens when the text entry box opens after tapping on Reply.

Once it draws the post composition UI, it zooms in just a little and cuts off the right hand side.

Is there a way to get the reply indicator in the body of the post without actually quoting? I never notice the little icon in the top right, which makes posts that directly reply to something other than the immediately previous post seem disjointed.

Also on replies, I’ve noticed when I hit reply to the last post in a thread, the icon for the person I’m replying to will be present in the editor, but when I actually hit post there’s nothing to show it’s a reply. I get that it’s implied that the next post is replying to the last one, but replies also send notifications and I don’t know if that’s happening when the post doesn’t show as a reply. This is on iPhone safari.

(As you can tell from this reply) You do get a notification from a reply even in the situation you describe.

If you want to make sure it’s visible to every one else you’re replying to the immediately preceding post without quoting any particular part of it, you can initiate a quote and then erase the body text:

[quote="Yim, post:172, topic:3200"]

which shows up like this:

(notice this is a screenshot, so the notification you receieved is from my reply to your post)

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I did indeed get a notification. Thanks for the clarification.

Seeing the announcement about the old forum going away this month. Is there still a possibility of the old like count of posts getting transfered over to this new platform?

I think having them gives new users somewhat make sense of the vibe of this forum (kinda controversial statement??? I think? but still)


I’ve had DMs shuddered up since day one. Anything I could ever say to someone I’d want to be visible for all to see. I have completely broken my settings. I have no clue what it is I have turned on or off, but I can no longer see who is interacting with my posts.

Help’d be appreciated!


Screenshot (215)

Right now I’m not sure there is anyone who has time to do it. I agree it would be nice but I don’t think it’s likely. The server won’t be getting deleted. Just we won’t have it live so we won’t be paying for it anymore.


I don’t think this is related to the server. It might be your web browser. Maybe you have a plugin installed that is causing an issue, or a setting in your browser?

If you can explain the issues you’re having in more specific terms I might be able to offer suggestions.

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silly question but I’m curious. I just got the patreon role on here even though I never stated anywhere what my username is lol.

Is it bc I use the same email on both services?

Yeah it’s an email linking thing!

I just found out that the url link preview on discourse is called a ‘onebox’ and that you can disable it by putting a space before the url. Thought I’d pass it on.


I just noticed that on mobile (maybe/probably desktop too), profile pictures aren’t downgraded 50x50 pixel thingies, but are in fact the whole dang image, so a good pinch to zoom lets me see everyone’s avatar real clearly! there have been a few times I’ve tried to squint to make them out but they’re just there for the looking. we got a lot of cool images in here, everyone


Many (including my last several) were thanks to this thread!


feel the love (of those likes)