Rain Jerks

Let us never forget that the handheld console Nintendo put out after the DS was called the Threeds.

@“billy”#p35017 Ladies' Talker

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A friend of mine sent me this today and now I can't unthink it.

Near a Tomata

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_by Billy, age 35_

Final Fanta: Sea Sex

Just remembered my sister and I consistently refer to our mutual favorite musical puzzle game as “Lou Mines.” I think this was an honest misreading on her part, but it sure as heck stuck.

Also reminds me of my favorite DS puzzler ***"Meaty O's,"*** which just sounds like an especially unappetizing breakfast cereal.

I can‘t believe I didn’t think of this, but I got this game for free on switch for some inexplicable reason. It‘s a puzzle platformer that reminds me of a number of flash games and also hurts my brain a bunch. It’s by this Polish company that I find bizarrely, almost morbidly, interesting called Drageus Game Factory. The first thing I played by them was this rad twin stick shooter called Mech Rage.

I alternate calling it Swahps and Trahps/Twahps with Swaaps and Traaps/Twaaps

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@“dylanfills”#p35126 I wanna thank my Swaaaaps and my Traaaaps

didn't even read the title correctly, I read it at first as [size=20]Swamps and Tramps

Saw this today and immediately thought of this thread

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Swap sand traps? A golf course designer sim?

Oh, yeah, anything with “Age” at the end of the title for sure…


Air Guys

Silp Heed


these are interchangeable.



@“laco”#p35222 I definitely read that as king shunt.

whenever I stop my cat from coming in / going out the front door I think “halted beast”.

ape’s cape

Kind of a cheat, but

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Ijidk Ijidk Sun

@“chazumaru”#p36437 that's so great! very “Tokimeki XEUPIU”