Recent Acquisitions

Per @exodus suggestion, I’m starting a thread for everyone to show off their cool stuff they’ve picked up recently!! I want y’all to gimme the goods you’re super proud of!

Here’s some stuff that I picked up recently:

I’m going to a game convention in the next two weeks, so I’ll be popping off in here for sure. Now…. SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!!!

nice hat

Yo great thread idea! I'd been staring at the mailbag thread, and wondering if there was a place for posting the stuff we found the old fashioned way.

First up is the surprisingly refined-looking Ys 6 pocketwatch!

This neat Gunbuster CD I grabbed for a friend
And a Dreamcast copy of Third Strike! This one isn't staying with me, but it'll be the grand prize at the start of year sf6 tournament I'm throwing at my uni.

I went to 3 stores, traded in some stuff, and got some more stuff. Here it is. The genesis games all came from a record store by the way, as did the star blazers book. I figure you all will want to see inside that (it‘s very silly, it’s screens of that Yamato movie cut into panels). As much as we all hate Doug tennapel I do like when backgrounds are done well on the genesis and that earthworm jim was only 60 bucks. So I went for it!




The cds and dvds are largely just things I wanna try (obviously knew globe already) - if I don't like them I put them back into the ecosystem! Here's a fun one I found

Also I didn't mean to get that Gintama ost, I picked it up and forgot to put it back! So that'll be in my next sale group, ha ha.

Not a complaint but what is the difference between “what’s in the mail” and this thread? Isn’t this basically a better version of the “what’s in the mail” thread? Or maybe there is a specific vibe about the “what’s in the mail” thread that escapes me?

This is specifically for acquisitions that were neither [in thrift stores]( nor [sent to you per postal service](

@“exodus”#p126299 I just listened to “Seasons Change” by Exposé based on this picture and it could basically be a credits theme from an early 90s animé. Wait. Both Exposé and animé end with é!? This is not a coincidence!

@"◉◉maru"#p126307 Mood? 🤷🏼‍♂️

@“◉◉maru”#p126307 it‘s subtle maybe but:

  • - in the mail, you get things you specifically ordered. Sometimes it’s also a jury summons or your passport (I just got that)
  • - in the thrift store, it's stuff you found in the wild but like super wild. Anything could be there.
  • - this is for finding stuff in the controlled wilds. in my case I went to two record stores and a game shop. I previously felt weird posting stuff I got from a store that wasn't a thrift shop because of the title.
  • THAT SAID, the thrift store one and this one aren't that different and I wouldn't be averse to merging them assuming we changed the title of the thrift store thread.

    Fair enough. I am not actively participating in any of these threads so I certainly don’t mind any of them existing but, from the outside, it was a bit confusing.


    @“exodus”#p126315 passport (I just got that)

    Just in time for ~~Bitsummit!~~ Level Up Kuala Lumpur!

    Gamespot Gamestop is an interesting place to go if you only pop in there like once every couple years. I went for something very specific (partner ordered a Series S from Amazon and it got swiped from her doormat, so I wanted to fix that) & ended up with this admittedly pretty cool Sonic mug for myself too. Kinda fun how much video game junk there is nowadays, all kinds of cute Kirbys n stuff in there


    The handful of times this thread has popped up I‘ve always thought “here we go again, another acquisition or merger” and then I’m relieved when I remember we don't have a thread for that

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p127817 I wish that every time anyone clicked on a link about ~ acquisitions ~ it ended up just being a cool Sonic cup

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p127817 Literally taking an M&A class next semester. Please look forward to me … acquiring new knowledge.

    Traded in while I was down in the lab working on kiosks for Long Island Retro, got it before it even hit the store shelves. Good per diem


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    @“robinhoodie”#p127954 oh yeah, it's tail time!!!

    Is it in working order?

    @“connrrr”#p127961 Our crew said yes. I will of course put it through it's paces. Especially when it comes to reading CDRs. Dip my toes in some nostalgia and then decide if I want to pull the trigger on an ODE (highly likely)

    @“robinhoodie”#p127968 I got the external one. As with all my ODEs, flash carts, and the like, I have not used it yet and can answer no questions. But! This is what it looks like.

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    @“exodus”#p127978 Nice! I will probably save the $100 and go internal with ideally every game on a single storage solution. But I took a look inside and everything looks good, no leaky caps. But my big excitement is I found it is a late enough model to be compatible with the 480i to 240p toggle. So I am going to bring it back to the store to get that mod done.

    @“robinhoodie”#p127983 I went with external because I have about 20 games here, so might as well have it both ways!

    My city held a pop-up videogame market over the weekend that I had to restrain myself from spending astronomical amounts at, instead spending “a bit too much” at. Some stalls had some real hot ticket items that I had to tempt myself away from but others seemed pretty generic - most of the N64 games in the entire market were racing games and I saw multiple stalls with tubs filled with only the most uninteresting 360 and Xbox One games. Heck, I had a good time though.


    I got a psone recently almost entirely because I wanted to hear the Sony BWOOOWOOOM jingle come out of my crt. Much to my surprise, my local game store left a copy of Gran Turismo inside. A fun bonus, but it feels a little ethically weird to keep it? It sort of seems like the kind of thing they might do on purpose as a little treat, just from what I know about this store, and it‘s not a super expensive game so… I’ll probably keep it? That Sony bwom, though, oof I missed that.