Recent Acquisitions

I acquired [size=1](did not purchase, did not steal)[/size] an Xbox 360 for free recently. I made a trip to a local game store and found the exact games I need for this machine for reasonable prices. And unrelated my buddy gave me this Slam Dunk game just because he knows I love Slam Dunk. That's two games with Takehiko Inoue art in one day!

@“tokucowboy”#p127809 as someone who has boycotted GameStop since like 2012 or something, the pop merch there can sometimes be nice. Back in 2017 I bought a Splatoon backpack that was sold at GameStop that was pretty cool and I lived out of it while I was in Japan. They sometimes have good lanyards. I’d rather get that stuff from like a booth at a swap meet or something, but the gamer lifestyle stuff and plushies can be pretty legit there, it’s just hit or miss!

I went and saw my good buddy Mike this weekend to help him fix the siding on his house and we ended up at the local McKays here in Greensboro and I grabbed a few things. He‘s also downsizing his collection to buy some land to plop a shack on and start farming so I ended up buying some odds and ends he was letting go for basically nothing. This is a mix of all that stuff.

Some PS2 stuff and a copy of Master Quest.

I’ve been on a racing game kick so ended up just buying everything he had lying around along with some cosmetically damaged DS Lites Im going to reshell and give to my girls when theyre older.

The NES games are from a previous deal I made with him to buy all he had but then he found more so he just gave them to me. He also threw in a couple Japanese games he found as well. And I just liked the color of the psp so ended up getting that too.

And then he had crates of loose discs so I picked through those until I got sick of looking and these are some of that effort.

All in all a productive weekend.

i'm really excited about this order from cdjapan that came in today!!


and this weird collection of stuff i ended up with from my local store's clearance sale? I paid for a few of these, but most of this stuff was either free or a dollar, on the last day of the sale. I don't know what half this stuff is but I'm looking forward (??? ominous) to finding out (???).

It’s been a while my doodz!! Thought I’d pop in with some goods that I acquired. The Yakuza shirt is what I really wanted to flaunt. If you don’t know of or follow Espionage.vr on anything, please look em up. Such quality bootleg shirts.

Anyway, miss you guys! It’s good to be back in the forums! Ok bye forever!

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@“[andrewelmore]”#p156310 what a haul from the closing store!!

@“exodus”#p157504 they weren‘t even closing! they’re doing great! they just wanted to get rid of a bunch of stuff lol. Things I paid some amount of actual money for include: twisted edge, shadow of the ninja, ffvii rebirth, dragon driver, then last bronx, silent hill, and returnal were fifteen apiece.

I recently discovered my childhood card collection and the Danger Room from the Xmen trading card set was missing Cyclops, well not anymore.


Two random platformers recently joined my household. The one on the left is something of a mystery to me, the one on the right is and always has been a favourite.


Hello new forum! Hello from Bookoff Super Bazaar Matsumoto. Unfair how good Bookoffs are.


oh heck, marvel trading cards were like 83% of my personality in grade school and seeing this completed page resonated deeply with me. I really should dig up my old collection some day so I can marvel (womp) at those sick Masterpiece collections

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quick stop by the ol’ local game store helped me fill a few glaring holes in my NES collection, as well as a recently digitally-delisted Tales game, and a few titles for podcast prep (for Flashback 64 and Time Extend).

i feel like the NES has kinda fallen out of the spotlight pretty hard in recent years. having one jeff gerstmann’s friday Ranking the NES streams going on another monitor while I’m working has led to me thinking about the NES a lot more again, and getting really excited about it in new ways, which is fun!

also, this is maybe the only time i’ve seen a US copy of Wizardry II on the NES out there! looking forward to takin’ a big ol bite out of it.



I’m very excited!



It continues. I deserve a little frog.


Every time someone posts in this thread it makes me worried another company has subsumed another and the industry continues to swallow itself. Then I’m instantly calmed by seeing it’s just some DS Frogger cartridges


Birthday pickups