request an older threads formatting to be corrected

Hi! So you’ve noticed some old posts have their formatting messed post import. By default users are not allowed edit posts older than a certain amount of days.

So if there is a thread that has messed up formatting then please request it correct here and indicate if you’d be willing to fix it or not. If you’re willing to fix it then we might temporarily give you the ability to edit the post, otherwise one of the mods will do it.

Hey, due to the sensitive nature of some of the stuff in the mental health thread, I would volunteer to help fix those spoiler tags :)


I would like to fix formatting on the “what am i up to” thread and would happily do so. I put a lot in there.

Thanks Shane!


@Tradegood @DaveedNoo you can both work away. thanks for helping.


Glancing at the threads I’ve posted, the formatting on the pokémon thread could use fixing, but also a lot of my other threads. I could maybe figure out how to fix them myself later this week.

Does this forum still support yt video embeds?


yeah you can just post a youtube link and it’ll embed the video. it shows the links on videos for imported posts because it just grabbed the raw link.

If you’ve time later this week to fix those threads then feel free to ping here and we can give you editing ability. Thanks!

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i want to try to fix my old art jam threads if that’s possible


I wouldn’t mind fixing the formatting on my JRPG thread from a couple weeks ago


@穴 @sapphicvalkyrja added. thanks!


I’ll tend to my panekit post and the management sims thread if that’s alright. After logging in I had one notification about the panekit thread but couldn’t parse what it was - just that the highlight tag was added?

And formatting tools - basically just the stuff shown in this pane, right? Any secret menu recipes like before?

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Yeah we moved some categories to tags. You can see those here insert credit

Formatting the posts is in the same location as before. Just at the top of where write your post.

@MDS-02 you can now edit the panekit post


For fonts I know you can do

<big></big> and <small></small>

for some BIG and small fonts


It also supports markdown so you can use all that too. Supported formatting in posts (markdown, BBCode, and HTML) - users - Discourse Meta


Well… that was quick. I was getting “Error 422” trying out editing my post (just tried deleting one set of asterisks to see how it went), then the post managed to minimize itself, and I pressed “discard changes” but that led to it just fully blanking the original post. Any way for you to undo that for me? Sorry! I’ll work on a computer for next go. (And if it can’t be easily rolled back I can handle pulling it from the archive myself).

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Your post appears to be still in tact Let me tell you about Panekit I would reload the page and everything should be alright. If you manage to edit something incorrectly don’t worry as we can always see every revision of a post.

We’re still working out some of the errors like 422 and requesting too many pages too quickly.

You’re right I was just double checking and it was then there. Thanks. (Also its kinda neat you can see who is currently typing a reply)

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A question before I start requesting all willy-nilly: Is the plan to eventually fix the formatting of all the old, unedited posts automatically, or will they be left looking mad funky?

I plan on entirely redoing the old forum formatting thread—going to start on it this weekend.


It’s basically the difference in how the two platforms stored posts. It can be fixed with custom scripts it’s just a time constraint thing. There are almost 200,000 posts.

I need to find the time to write a script that goes through each post and pattern matches all the inconsistencies and applies the fix. You’d need to do that for every pattern of broken posts (images, links, titles, etc). So while it’s not a huge amount of work, it is a lot of time in terms of testing and I don’t have the time right now to spend on something like this. So I think it’s best to be honest with everyone and say right now it’s not gonna be fixed.

The context of most posts is still in tact which is the most important thing to me as a reader. And so the most straight forward thing right now is giving you all the opportunity to edit threads you’re motivated to fix if they are actively being posted in. The rest of the threads I think are fine to leave until someone has the time to write those scripts to convert the post formatting.