request an older threads formatting to be corrected

Wonderful – thank you for the information! Personally, I’m happy with waiting for anywhere between three seconds and three years, so I’ll just update the formatting on the posts that are within the edit limit.


I’ve temporarily elevated your permissions to be able to edit any old post. Thanks for editing!

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@shane I have a couple of old threads that I’m happy to go back in to and clean up.

I likely have posts across some other places that are going to be wonky, especially anywhere I’ve used tables it looks like.


Should be able to edit now. Thanks for your help!

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For anybody editing old posts, if you copy/paste your post in to VSCode or a similar editor that supports regular expression text matching, the following search pattern will get you a large amount of the way towards cleaning things up.

Find: <.?r>|<.?p>|<.?h.>|<.?list>|<.?li>|<.?s>|<.?e>|<.?strong>|<.?em>|<.?i>|<color.+?>|<\/color>|<br/>|<.?hr>

and replace it with nothing/empty.

You’ll still have to manually edit a couple of things, but this will remove a bunch of the manual deleting you’d otherwise be doing. I’ll update the above if I come across any other common patterns as I see them. The above at least has been helping me reformat my recipe thread entries quickly.


I’ll fix up the Insert Credit Jr. thread of mine if that’s alright.

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There are a few broken images and code blocks in PICO-8 Dev Diary, which I’d like to go back and fix up.


@Herb @TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee @connrrr you can all edit older posts now. Please be careful!

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I have a for(u)matting question for the folks editing older threads – when fixing urls how are you all handling the images hosted on the old flareon site? When I try editing the url to < img src=" imgurlink " > it shows up like this:

Here’s the example image:

The imgur links after last year’s fix are fine (where it spits out the url), but I wonder if maybe this has to do with the assets being uploaded to the old site?

So my advise would be to right click any image and select copy image then paste it. Then it’ll upload it to our new servers where all the images are hosted by us.

There is some issue right now where the server thinks is being overloaded with requests from the same location. So sometimes images hosting on 3rd party servers are not displayed.


I got spoilers for one of my favourite single moments in all of videogames just out there in this thread !! Elementary, My Dear Posters: Detective + Deduction + Mystery Games - #10 by tombo

You can edit now.

Thanks, bud!

With apologies if I’m repeating a discussion that has been done elsewhere (My Mind Palace of the forum is completely all out of whack), but if there is any way to go back and fix this en masse, restoring spoiler tagged text I feel should be high on the priority list.

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No problem. I talked about it here request an older threads formatting to be corrected - #20 by shane

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Sorry, I can’t offer to fix it.

as I understand it chaz is gonna fix that this weekend!

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Is there a maximum post length? I was just trying to fix one of my larger tables (the one here: ) and I am getting a “422 error” response code when I try to save my edit.


edit, update: I got my table to save by copying the html that had been saved in to the post, pasting it in to and then pasting back the markdown version of the table

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I had been getting this error too, thank you for the solution!

Before I break any more images, can someone advise me on how to get off-site linking of imgur images working? I’m reuploading what I can but some gifs are too big and when I clean up the struck-out tags around them they break.

It is unfortunately presently impossible with imgur specifically, due to the 429 error.

For gifs that are too big, if you haven’t already perhaps give them a run through Animated GIF optimizer and compressor which does a pretty good job of letting you compress the size down by choosing your trade-off of quality

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