Show me your game photography

Even though have the Insert Credit: Photo Mode thread – and the first post even suggests posting shots from photo modes in games therein – I like that it has essentially become the real photography thread. I enjoy seeing all the cool shots people take and care to post, and didn't want to muddy the waters with some video game screenshots.

I did want to post a few, however!

Do any of you ever really get in to using the photo mode in games? I never really have before. I've looked, had a minor fiddle, but it never really grabbed me. For whatever reason, that has changed while I'm hanging out with Talos Principle 2 -- I have rather enjoyed going in to photo mode and fiddling around with it. I suppose it helps that the game sure does have A Lot Of Them Graphics in it.

Show me what you got!

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@rejj Your pictures makes me want to play this game!

All my"best" in-game photography can be found over in the toilet threads. You know the ones.

I “like” the games that have photo modes, but I often would rather just point-and-shoot and hit the screenshot button. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m usually very much the same! This is the first time I’ve found a photo mode genuinely interesting, and I’m not sure what is different or what has changed (in the way it is presented? in me?). One thing I do like over just giving the ol’ screenshot button a quick press is that doing things this way does not include the UI in the picture.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who did an album cover shoot here

I’m not even going to say what this is from, and save the surprise for you all.


Nice! Thanks again for taking me around to some of your favorite spots — I really enjoyed learning about the game and getting a tour


I got a pic of us in Insilico too — we tiny. Wish I got a photo of us in the arcade.

as well as the official “The Second Life™ U.S. Military Coalition Charter”

I have maybe 100gb of screenshots from all the games I play on pc, captured in 4k resolution but usually rendered at a lower res.

botw on emulator provides a vastly superior experience

I got really into Astral Chain environmental photography once:

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I made this thread about low fidelity video game photos. There weren’t any takers, but I still like my Yakuza 3 shots.

And here’s a couple that didn’t make the thread:

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@tokucowboy these make me want to play the game

I was really into this small cigarette stall you could smoke inside in like a dragon gaiden the man who erased his name

@MoH Something about all those little boxes lined up is very pleasing.

…and I also just love taking screenshots, too. Here are some pulled from a Switch captures folder I found today:


Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Ni No Kuni


Super Mario Odyssey


Dragon Quest XI


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@MoH I like it a lot, for what it’s worth. Really weird and delicious action system, OVA anime vibes for days, and I think some of the best visuals on Switch

Also posting from my Switch folder. Nintendo has super good graphics!

@KennyL I love that last pic – the plaza areas in Splatoon are extremely hangout friendly. Could have a whole photography thread just for those

@MoH I got so much footage from this exact spot.

This area looks so much like Australia

...and this was dang tricky to do, so I had to take a non-spoilery "look! I did it!" pic

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minor spoilers for like a dragon gaiden the man who erased his name

these are screenshots of cutscenes, so i can’t take full credit, but it always gets me chuffed to see RGG’s cinematic ambitions realized (not antipodean, please forgive me if i used that word incorrectly):