Show me your game photography

I‘ve almost finished this game now, I’m up to what I imagine must be the final bit.

A holiday snap type shot, waving to you from the top of this huge staircase leading up to this huge tower.

Candidate for inclusion over in the Show me some video game sunsets! thread, but I wasn't 100% on if this is a sunrise or sunset. (I have no compass in this area to determine east from west)

I’ve almost finished this game now

I have finished this game now; thoroughly enjoyable. If I put together an end-of-year list, it'll likely be at or near the top. (related, I have only played a few things released this year – and fewer of them have been worthy of note)

I grabbed and started The Invincible and wouldn't you know it, the game photomode bug has bitten me again. Another game with All[1] Of Them Damn Graphics in it, which helps considerably.

  1. technically not all, it doesn't do any raytracing stuff ↩︎


I also started Returnal recently, and wouldn't you know it – this game also has a photo mode. Turns out I'm the sucker born this minute, and they sure did see me coming.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake can be really cozy when it wants to be.

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Also Cyberpunk 2077 is really pretty with all the bells and whistles on, though one scene did murder my framerate.

Dreamcore is mostly nothing but walking around aimlessly in an impressively LARGE (very large) map, but I love how it looks, and though it says it’s a pool area, it feels a lot like a dead mall to me. The screenshots come out looking like low res extracted camera footage.

A pretty cozy game, if not one that feels like it’s really wasting your time. A few fun scares here and there, but also just fun to walk around if you’re like me and enjoy dead malls and “liminal space” mess that largely relates to the decay of 80s/90s era social gathering spots (like malls).


@JJSignal the combination of grain, blur, and the chromatic aberration make those shots of Dreamcore look great. I wanna hang out in there!

Boundary breaking in Overwatch. (2, I guess.)

I fiddled with some FFXIV shaders a while back and ended up with an effect which vaguely reminded me of old timey propaganda posters so I went with it and posed my character accordingly

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new photomode filters

…I'm doomed

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Back in 2022, I got really into the New Horizons DLC, Happy Home Paradise, where you design locations for specific animals. They give you a prompt about what they’re looking for and you do your best to design for their personality. I’d settle into making a spot for each character, dress us up accordingly and then take a photo for the “design book.” Here are a few!

For Felicity, I put together a backdrop and studio for her late show, Feline Late City. I yucked it up as her first guest.

Groucho got his dream Anarcho-Communist DIY farmstead. There were around 5-15 people living here at any given time.

Fauna is VERY talented (and GORGEOUS!), so a $5 Million donation from the Geffen family helped her secure a very fashionable concert hall.

Claud got his cozy little barcade. I worked there for a bit — we were always packed in the winter. We had a special called the “Chicago 2-Course” which was just an Old Style and a bag of chips. Pinball machines were maintained like a dream.

Cally opened a little fluff and fold for residents to do their laundry. The whole place smells like warm laundry and fresh citrus.

Took this right after Agnes threw a guy out of her gallery for attempting an “All Room, All Art” speedrun. Unreal, boarish behavior. Philistines, the lot of them.

I helped Shino open an ungodly expensive sushi restaurant. They’re only open 2 nights a week and if you get lucky, she’ll be there to perform one of her famous spoken word / ambient electronic sets.



What’s that first one from? That lighting is nice

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All three are from Guardian’s of the Galaxy. To my delight it is a wonderful game. I have no idea how many hours I put into it tonight, but I have stopped to look, listen, and talk to everything.

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Omg I shot up when I just saw this thread! Hope this isnt considered spam I just can’t choose one!

Ghost of Tsushima pics


Unironically making the last one as my PC background wow

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Ghost of Tsushima part 2


I’m not especially active on FFXIV these days for a variety of reasons, but I do still mess around with the game’s photo mode here and there