SALE thread

Engage in commerce with your fellow person!

Here is a place to display your wares. I would prefer to keep this "pre-ebay" and not just be ebay listings, but I am not gonna be too hardline about that. I don't have anything to sell yet, but I WILL and there's been some interest in selling within the community so... let's do it!

I have a bunch that I will slowly list, but we can start here. They should all be CIB. Persona 4 is sealed. As is Psyviar.


oh, I didn‘t realize there was a DS elebits and it’s totally different from the wii game. interesting! I guess I'd be interested in that?

@exodus#9345 Oh yeah! Its a cute little adventure with a multiplayer mode I will never get enough people together to play. I will set it aside for you since we've done business in the past. Try to put together another set of stuff.

thanks, I‘m sure we’ll amass another lot here

@yeso Sign me up for berwick saga, chaos legion and ridge racer v which I inexplicably do not own.

ooooh nice! I bet the IC crowd has a lot of good stuff hanging around! I'll add more here as I take pictures.

Some game related tchotchkes I've been looking to unload as I consolidate my physical stuff:


Persona 4 Complete Design Works(rare artbook, Udon published, English edition)- $50


Mr. Saturn from Earthbound/Mother 3 large vinyl figure
$100 OBO

Black Frost from SMT FuRyu figure(great condition, small scuff on foot)

@exodus#9372 ok sure thing

Wow! You guys have some really solid stuff in your “extras” piles. :slight_smile:

@yeso#9364 Ooh I‘d love that GBA Castlevania Double Pack. I see Circle of the Moon, but I can’t identify that third GBA Castlevania. I'd jam on that DS Castlevania, too

@TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee#9404 sure. And the 3rd GBA CV is harmony of dissonance. DS is dawn of sorrow

This is pretty timely as I am looking to clear out some things. I generally struggle to let things go but would be nice to think they are going to good home. I am in UK.



I‘ll put up a big list here at some point. also a reminder that we can now DM each other to finalize deals! just click on the person’s name!

@vf10a#9408 I suppose it doesn‘t hurt to ask - how much are you looking for as far as the Wonderswan? I’ve been pulling them up over and over but haven't been able to bring myself to pull the trigger on buying one yet.

Edit for posterity: sold!!

500 GB PS4 “Amateur” (non-Pro model) in great working condition. The reason I’m putting it up here is I took the HDD cover to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo several years ago and had all of the people on IC and Retronauts that were there sign it. 😃


I was fortunate enough to secure a PS5 so this is just going to be taking up space and I’d love it to go to someone who will use it. Cables included but no controller. I’ll throw in a copy of _Shadows of Mordor_ though.

$125+shipping? Look if you’re interested contact me and we will work something out on the price.

Also I'll sign something to slap on there and send it to you

could maybe convince tim to do it as well

How much for Herzong Swei on Genesis? @robinhoodie

I am also in the market for a Negcon.

I need to look through my drawers, but I know recently I found I was in posession of an xbox360 VGA cable, which I know is very rare and also not at all sought after. I'd be happy to ship it free of any charge to someone (if there is anyone) who could make use of it. Very strange accessory.

@Jtwo#9511 I think I got the private message thing wrong but $60 plus shipping for Herzog Zwei. That sound good? Happy to take more photos if you like.

If there are any folks looking for systems to repair/mod, I have a number of PS2, Wii, PS3 and 360s that are in various states of function that I am looking to sell for cheap. I also have a couple of non-working SNES, NES, GCs and N64s.

Haha, I made a private message but it just shows up in the actual forum? Thats a trip and a half.