WANTED thread

This is an offshoot of the [SALE thread](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/336-sale-thread/).

I am in the market for a DMG-001 original Game Boy. The shell and buttons can be in whatever colour or condition as I'm going to re-shell it. I need the display to be in good enough shape to perform a backlight mod on. I can recap it but prefer not to have to deal with a lot of internal corrosion or repairs. Anyone have one kicking around they'd like to sell?

@“connrrr”#p156511 I think I've got one of those too. Let me take a look after work and get back to you.

I also have a request…looking for a PS1 DualShock controller. The original darker grey version, not the white PSOne later model. Hard to find them online in acceptable condition so hoping people here have some very nice ones maybe going unused lol

@“sabertoothalex”#p156519 I might have one! Let me take a look later and I'll get back to you.

I'm on the lookout for flashcarts for pre DS/PSP handhelds. In case anyone is getting rid of gameboy (color/advance), wonderswan, gamegear or neogeo pocket flashcarts!

(seeing this thread and being excited to talk about Wanted: Weapons of Fate)

…oh nevermind

I’m always looking for gameboy color, gameboy pockets, oem parts and shells, neogeo pocket, n64 controller (yellow) , uhhhhh

@“Pizza69”#p156551 thinking about changing the title to Wanted: Thread to make it even more confusing.

I‘m in search of someone who would be willing to fix a soon-to-be broken PSP. It’s one of the grey, slim ones. Sometimes when you turn it on, the screen is grey with a lot of black lines. I'll pay for parts, labor, and shipping.

@“bwood”#p156564 I use @“[deleted]”#451 for that kind of thing, and then there‘s also the podcast’s own Christa Lee

@“exodus”#p156567 seconding Christa. Granted, in my case it‘s easy cause she’s local, but I go to her for all of my mods, repairs, and mod repairs (meaning when I try to mod a PSP and break it, whoops! she did fix it though, which I assumed was impossible)!


Excellent. I have a 3000 series PSP that works fine, but I‘ve been wanting to get it physically updated with a new screen, buttons, whatever other cool stuff is available…and was wondering if there’s some battery mod I could get for it so I don't have to keep finding crappy replacement batteries. Not sure of all the options these days.

I am looking for these games

Cannon Spike for Dreamcast (with case and manual)
Doom for 3DO(disc only is fine)
Fatal Fury Special for Sega CD(disc only is fine)
Silent Hill 3 for PS2(case, manual, and soundtrack)


To be honest there's not much in the way of "upgrades" for the PSP at this point beyond different color aftermarket shells. Hardware wise, the PSP holds up pretty well (especially the 3000, best screen of all the models), and you might be able to find a replacement battery on Amazon that'll give you slightly more life. [This](https://www.reddit.com/r/PSP/comments/t8735k/battery_megathread/) reddit thread has lots of info about that sort of thing.

And @"bwood"#p156564 I can indeed work on your PSP. Please send a DM if you're interested in utilizing my repair services. :)

My Dragon Quest V manual is missing its cover, looking for a complete one (super famicom)

I may as well just buy a whole cart+manual listing at this point because my cartridge isn't working and it's a pain in the ass to solder. Should be pretty cheap on ebay still. I doubt someone here has extras.

@“milo”#p156717 imo the best experience one can have with a PSP is a 1000 with an Ostent battery and an IPS display.

@“andrewelmore”#p156848 idk why i keep getting this bug?

@“andrewelmore”#p156857 Its a known issue affecting the forum. Some info here.

@“tomjonjon”#p156523 any luck finding a Dualshock? :slight_smile:

Also curious if anyone has an extra MemCard Pro hanging around that they'd be willing to part with. Just got a PS1 and didn't remember how absolutely tiny those memory card are so the Pro seems like a great, albeit now hard to find and expensive, solution. Looks like you can pre-order another shipment of them for Q3 this year but was hoping to get one sooner if at all possible!

@“sabertoothalex”#p157097 I swear I have an extra memcard pro but I'll be danged if I can find it. I am going through some stuff soon and will let you know.