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Im in the same exact position as @“[deleted]”#258 So if you love a New 3DS and hate two hundred dollars, hit us up. I need my $200 back asap so I can buy train tickets to see my new gf :pleading_face:

I think I may be able to sell mine locally faster than return shipping to japan.

great price on that retrotink!

I would‘ve 100% bought the Retrotink from you if I’d known lmaoo

@“sabertoothalex”#p158160 dm’d!

@“treefroggy”#p158375 no bites on ebay yet… incredibly since this is a much better deal than every other n3DS on there imo

Big ol' stack of @"exodus"#3' records arrived today!

We've fallen into a little family ritual around here of hanging out in the living room with a record on in the evenings, and tonight we started with Viva Mariya, which has gone over extremely well. Looking forward to spinning all of these!

Also, it didn't get any bites here when I posted about it earlier (wanted to give y'all first dibs lol), but [I've put my Steamed Egg on the Electronic Bay]( if anyone is interested. I have to assume it will still be cheaper than retail, and you at least know where it's coming from, i guess! It's in extremely good shape, "like-new" as the kids say. As is the case. Gonna see if I can find the original box around here somewhere, I'm pretty sure I've still got it.

—— SOLD —— Akira Vol 1 and 2 paperbacks - $15 + shipping

covers are a little beat up, pages are yellowing I have had them a long time and have read them multiple times and it shows but they’re totally fine for reading

8bitdo PCE 2.4g - $13 + shipping
fairly good used condition, comes with all the stuff it originally came with

—— *SOLD* —— Bomberman Pocket -$30 + shipping
box and manual are beat up, game works and is fun

Sold my New 3DS locally for $250….

Buyers were actually trying to pay more to have me hold it for them…


no wonder flippers be flippin’… this is all so crazy to me. But it covered my train tickets to Washington.

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@“mindleftbody”#p158977 this is the cleanest Pocket Bomberman case i think i've ever seen lol. mine is covered in that weird rusting patina they usually get. someone should jump on this, imo!

@"treefroggy"#p159639 it's so weird, dude. 3DS stuff has been absolutely bugnuts the last couple years, at least in the states. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it's catching up everywhere else by now too.


Yeah this one wasn’t perfect it had some of that weird corrosion on the top. Someone did buy it though! I tried to price it reasonably.

A digital item, but I backed Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes ages ago and got my Switch backer code for it a few days ago. I don’t have the time to play it right now and was wondering if maybe somebody wanted it for $30?


I would certainly buy that if youre sure you dont want to keep it for later!

100% sure! I’m behind on games right now that I don’t think I would get to it for a while anyways lol

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I might have Akira book #6 if someone is interested.


Selling a bunch of things again. I’ll add prices and descriptions as I go here!

SATURN (and one US SCD game)

Fighting Vipers: $15. Complete but has a sticker on the disc that will never come off, a rental sticker from THE WHEREHOUSE. It’s actually not that bad if you wanna see a picture.

Toshinden URA: $20. Complete. neat game that I always talk about because it’s not Toshinden 2, it’s the weird sequel to Toshinden Remix for Saturn. As many differences as similarities to Toshinden 2.

Demolition man: $85. Neat weird game kinda.

Virtua Cop (disc and manual only): $5 It’s NOT FOR SALE and thus RARE (it’s not rare)

Lunar Silver Star Story: Complete with obi. $10

Night Warriors: $15. disc only.

Last Bronx: $15 Disc only.

Sonic 3D Blast: $20. Disc only

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: $15 disc only

Cotton 2: $90 with obi.

Rabbit: $110 no obi.

Sega CD (Japanese), Dreamcast, and Game Gear.

Fhey Area: $3. (JP SCD) Traditional-ish JRPG. No obi.

Magical Girl Silky Lip: $7. (JP SCD) It says “digital adventure” but it’s basically an RPG. Someone should get this because it’s neat.

Triclor Crise (JP Dreamcast): $10. A JRPG nobody has played.

Zombie Revenge (US Dreamcast): $30. It rules. This one has a little sticker residue on the disc label but it WILL come off with goo gone.

Power Stone (JP Dreamcast): $10. no obi (I forget if it had one)

Sonic 2 (GG): $5 comes with a sort of busted plastic protector! wow!!!

Sonic chaos (GG): $5

Sonic 2 (GG): $4 No sort of busted plastic protector!

Castle of Illusion (GG): $8

Star Wars (GG): $8

Mortal Kombat II (GG): $5. I played this a lot in middle school. it has BLOOD, gross

Sailor Moon S (JP GG): $35 complete in box. prices for this are all over the place.


Romance of 3 kingdoms III: $10. This one really went down in price, wow!

Mystic Defender: $10

Garfield Caught in the Act: $7. check out the graphics on this game.

Super Hydlide: $10. Has a tear on the label which you can see.

TMNT Tournament Fighters: $10.

PS2, PS3, PS1, PSP

(complete unless otherwise noted)

Super Puzzle Bobble (PS2): $8

Seven Samurai 20XX (PS2): $12. This game is ridiculous. it has Moebius, the son of kurosawa, and ryuichi sakamoto and it still winds up generic.

KOF 94 (PS2): $25. very pristine.

Neo Geo Battle coliseum. $30. I can’t spell this word

Killzone 3: $3. Still Ps3 exclusive!

White Knight Chronicles (PS3): $5. Also ps3 exclusive.

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen (PS3): $5

Acongagua (PS1): $25. Weird ambitious survival game. See Kimimi review.

Psychic Force (PS1): $5 (with obi)

Koudelka (PS1): $15. Super cool horror-ish RPG with all dialog in english. only items are in japanese and that barely matters.

Dragon Knight 4 (PS1): $20. Hentai-debuffed JRPG. (the PC-FX has the nudity intact)

Jumping Flash 2 (PS1): $10. This version should be more popular because it also contains the Japanese release of the “fixed” european version of Jumping Flash 1.

Irritating Stick (PS1): $20. I paid $30 for this 2 weeks ago because I was in a store and wanted to buy something, but I couldn’t remember if I had this. I do!

Ridge Racers (JP PSP): $5

Star Soldier (JP PSP): $30. So this one I maybe messed up. I bought it with a cracked UMD case so I tried to replace it with an original one and some glue. I got glue on the disc, which you can kind of see in the 2nd photo. It appears to play fine but it is now living in a replacement transparent case. Roll the dice for a nice price.


Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS): $10

Journey to the west Monkey King (JP DS): $10. It’s a 2D side scrolling action game! What else do you want.

Conan (JP GB): $5. Has messed up back art (there’s a tear on it).

Aya (PCE): $5. cool ADV from Data West.

Air Zonk (TG-16): $120 (sorry)

Lady Sword (PCE): $20. Art has separated onto the front sleeve slightly as you can see. this one keeps going down in price!

Battle ace (supergrafx/PCE): $20. prices are super weird for this one. someone paid $110 for this? get outta here.

Armed F (PCE): $30. Decent shooter.

Bomberman '93 (PCE): $10

Dragon Egg (PCE): $50. This one on the other hand got real expensive.


3 doujin game/anime remix CDs. $10 for the lot.

Tsuchie of Samurai champloo fame: This is a recording. $10. $50 on discogs currently.

Castlevania Judgement OST: $10

Screaming Seagull Kiss Her Kiss Her. $3. It’s rock music that insert credit listeners might like.

Yu Yu Hakusho Sayonara ha iwanai single. $5

Ayumi Hamasaki Duty. $3

Love Hina girls song collection: $5


When are you gonna get sealed Japanese CDs?
They are:
Kaori Kawamura: Church.
Koji Kikkawa: Shyness Overdrive.
Mitsuhiro Oikawa: 嘘とロマン
Kahoru Kohiruimaki: Frontier.

$5 each or buy them ALL for $18, such a bargain.


Iron Fisted Monk: $10. First movie Sammo Hung directed.
Gunbuster: $15. hideaki anno getting up to nonsense pre-eva.
Streets of Fire (4k): $15 - this apparently inspired a bunch of games and anime.

SDD for game consoles

This is a WD_Black SN850. It has a heatsink on it and it is 1 tb. I’m only getting rid of it because I needed MORE SPACE on my PS5 and bought a bigger one. $50 which is a good deal…?


Ojousama Sousamou (PC-FX): $40. People keep trying to charge $90+ for this but nobody wants to buy at that price so here we are. It’s a weird puzzle/RPG/table hybrid:

Cyber Sculpt (FMT): $20. It’s a 3D sculpting program you can operate with your controller. wild.

Battle Chess (FMT): $60. This is a bargain.

Cyberia (FMT): $25

Mega-lo-mania (FMT): $30

Populous (FMT): $20

I have to emphasize that these fm towns prices are very good but the problem is nobody has an FM towns, shrug emoji.

Gunhouse and Gunsport

I forgot I could just sell these here. If you want to add one of these to your order I have a lot. These are new, of course.

PS4: $15
Vita: $20

Hyper Gunsport:
PS4/5: $35
Switch: $40


Free with appropriate purchase. that split second blu-ray didn’t work on my ps5, I dunno. I got a new one. lost planet 3 case has lost planet 2 and 3 in it, lemme know if you only want one or the other.

That PCE thing is madou monogatari for PCE with a fan translation.

The guilty gear thing is a ps1 bootleg.

Pebbles tape!

Okay so:

  • please try to buy several things so I don’t have to do a lot of separate packing (lol)
  • shipping will be calculated after.
  • if you have something you wanna trade me you can!
  • I have 4 GP32 games but you will have to trade me for that.

OH and please dm me what you want!! Easier to keep track of.


UPDATE: these were at half price books and the prices were good, so I bought them because they are all games that should be in the homes of insert credit people. I am selling them for the price I bought them for! (round up a penny so it doesn’t get annoying)

(light crusader and soldiers of fortune are gone, wings of wor is still available!)


I’m interested in

Toshinden Ura (Saturn)
Mystic Defender (Genesis)
Super Hydlide (Genesis)
Star Solider (PSP)
Aya (PC Engine)
Gunhouse (PS4) [Feel free to open it and sign it if you want / don’t mind!]

and the Madou Monogatari PCE freebie!

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i am interested in the gunbuster bluray
and all the sealed japan cds


Cool, send a dm!

I’ll message you about Cotton 2 and Lunar, but wanted to say out loud - love the rug!!


i like this album!