SALE thread

I’ve been waiting patiently for Hyper Gunsport on the PS5. Sign me up.

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sent a dm expressing interest in: Koudelka, Jumping Flash 2, Irritating Stick, Ridge Racers, Bomberman '93, Battle ace, Gunhouse Vita and Hyper Gunsport: PS5

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I have been busy with life stuff lately. But I’ve been looking for PCE Bomberman for a reasonable price for years if it’s still available. And I’ll purchase something else along side it if I need to in order to make it worth your while to ship!


I’m interested in that Light Crusader, Space Invaders Extreme 2 and that copy of Dragon’s Dogma, if you still have them

aw damn, most of what i’d go for seems claimed! just in case they don’t go through:

mystic defender
irritating stick
jumping flash 2
space invaders exteme 2
magical girl silky lip
bomberman 93 (so gone)
also interested in scooby doo adventures on genesis

Just FYI to everyone I’m gonna go through everyone’s requests tomorrow night and start making piles for folks!


I’m steadily doing a clear out of games and toys and keep updating my ebay here: choppy_whoppy on eBay

Wanted to post in case there’s anything of interest to anyone.

These are all recommended ebay prices so they’re a bit higher than I’d list on here. If there’s anything you want, please let me know and we can cut a deal. I’m in the UK and don’t post to other countries on there after some bad experiences but I will happily post to dirtbags in whichever Carl’s Bad Cavern you live in.


I played Gregory Horror Show PS2 with a friend who might be interested in those figures! I live in the US, so I’ll DM you to get a better idea on pricing for shipping!

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So I was gonna send everything out this weekend but THINGS CAME UP lol so I will try to do it Monday

I don’t want to accidentally “like” that post so I’m going to express sympathy in this post and people can like my post to do the same! Hope everything is OK And nobody got injured!


Oh yeah it’s all fine. Just a person having a brain time with easy access to a brick


What the heck!!! That poor car!! ToT


ahhhhh, that hurts to look at – sorry that happened to you and your car. the same sort of stuff has happened to me many times when I had my car parked on the street in Los Angeles over the years, and it sucks. hope getting it fixed goes as smoothly as it can

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In Venice I regularly remove bricks from the immediate area surrounding the van I live in. Literally just did it yesterday. Funny how bricks just show up places. Preventative measure because I know it just takes a brain person walking by to get ideas. Peace & love


no!!! that beautiful prelude, i’m so sorry!!

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got some STUFF that i wouldn’t dare sell anywhere else

  • DRIVE (1997) MVD Blu-Ray + slipcover - $15 - checked out on brandon’s rec a few years back and loved it. absolute must for dacascos-heads. only selling cause i upgraded to the 4k lol.

  • Ridge Racer 20th Anniversary Remixes OST CD + slipcover (new, sealed) - $20 - i accidentally bought a second copy of this because i thought i didn’t have it!

  • Unpacking, Switch (JP), SUPERDELUXE GAMES standard edition (new, sealed) - $20

  • Trip World DX, Switch (JP), SUPERDELUXE GAMES standard edition (new, sealed) - $25