Shigesato Itoi 1950-2022


Mods please sticky

Pardon? Itoi tweeted like five hours ago and you‘ve posted a link to Pathologic 2, a game that he didn’t work on. I'm not sure what this thread is about.

you wild for this one yeso LOL

yeso's pathological pathologic-posting


@“TheFragranceOfDarkCoffee”#p83336 you’ve posted a link

you forgot to mention the discount

Р.И.П. Шигесато

surely there's a better way!

This is both mildly amusing and quite irritating.

a real bargain is what it is

yeso's never gonna give this up, nor let it down

[upl-image-preview url=]

[upl-image-preview url=]

the thumb is helpfully pointing to great savings!


and lets not get too touchy about a rich old overpriced notebook tycoon

those notebooks probably cost like 14 cents to make. 1700% markup

how about getting touchy about suggesting someone has died, when in fact they haven't? that just seems in poor taste, regardless of who that person is.

it's transparently a joke

didn't land for me. fair enough. comedy is subjective.

I confess I'm new to marketing