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@yeso#16541 Well I bet that fall tossed his salads and scrambled his eggs.

@captain#16547 Man, that was awesome. Thank you.

I saw video a few months ago of some folks in Japan making music using just those barcode scanners, but the scene is clearly evolving quickly.

Since we're all now living in a cyberpunk dystopia, I guess this genre of music would have been written about in the 1980s as the future's answer to jug bands.

I'll take any excuse to post the weird stuff I have in my GIF folder and which I never use I can get.







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@Video_Game_King#16551 Oh yeah. I feel like I just got the Full Anime Experience with those six.

And it's about time someone started taking Alaska's opinions more seriously.

@whatsarobot#16549 Sometimes—rarely—I think I might have some kind of idea about where technology and culture are going and then am happy reminded by things like this that no I do not :slight_smile:

and lol this is a jug band

@captain#16553 I know what you mean! It‘s also fun to think about the fact that technology and culture are going in all sorts of directions simultaneously. We tend to focus a lot on the advancement of technology, but it’s nice sometimes to sit and look at what can be done with all the old technology that's just lying around.

@rejj#16557 “Noob stuff for a lot of people” is such a good phrase. It could potentially describe almost everything.

Thanks for sharing this! I've tried to cut green onions into strips before, and they curled up on me too. But, as is so often the case with cooking, it's these simple little steps that make all the difference. Ramen game level up.

@marlfuchs2#16561 Damn that‘s slick. Yet another case of "I can’t believe this thing is 30 years old, because to my eye, it still looks like the future."

Pretty sure I had the Hot Wheels version when I was a kid.

@whatsarobot#16563 Group C Le Mans race cars are really elegant looking, I don't have the design know how to say why I prefer them over modern Le Mans prototypes but, ah, they look so good.

@marlfuchs2#16566 Yeah, I don't really have the right vocabulary to explain it either, but those old 80s and 90s models look more cohesive somehow, like the eye travels from front to back in one natural motion, due to… What? Chonk? Massive spoiler size? Just more pleasingly solid.

@Gaagaagiins#16567 I don‘t know who this Limmy guy is, but leave it to a Scot to capture the harrowing sense of soul-emptying that accompanies any ill-advised nostalgia trip, better than I’ve seen it depicted anywhere else. Nice.

@whatsarobot#16569 Limmy's Show comes highly recommended, then!