Show Me Sentai Squads in Games

I love when a game tosses in an extremely thiny veiled reference to Super Sentai. Often as a boss fight or otherwise chapter present nuisance, and occasionally as a set of side helper characters.

An unusual example for the medium: A game *about* a Sentai Squad in the most literal possible way

The usual boss squad type fellas:

Among many others.

killer7 - The Handsome Men

[Persona - Phoenix Ranger Featherman R](


>!it's god hand!<

Let's all just acknowledge that GOD HAND contains a sentai parody squad and leave the finer details of that aspect of the game in the aughts GOD-HAND_thank-you.wav


LISA: The Painful


@“captain”#p107595 Big fan of Featherman just being Jetman with the serial numbers filed off


technically not a squad but:;si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE

I reckon you're wanting unofficial sentai teams, so no sailor moon or magic knight rayearth games in here?

is bob log iii a tokusatsu hero?

@“exodus”#p107621 Sailor Moon/Magic Knight Rayearth aren‘t exactly what I had in mind but I’m not a cop, go for it

Did you know there's a Toad Sentai Team that appears in two separate Paper Marios?

Since I‘m thinking about Persona 5 on another thread, I’m reminded that in part 2 of the Shadow Madarame fight he creates sentai-like copies of himself.

Zekkyou Senshi Sakeburein. Very obscure Club Nintendo exclusive DS game. This is the only video I can find of it that's halfway decent:

Tangentially related (not really sentai, just toku) but this is one of the most expensive games I own and it's too weird not to mention:
Got it super cheap in a random ebay listing a few years back. It's not good at all.

When the darkness of evil draws near, we appear out of nowhere!!

Now I just have the Downtown 5 Rangers skit stuck in my head. Any games have a group of 5 that don't really have their shit together and show up with 2 Yellow Rangers and 3 Reds?

There was that seemingly wonderful game that had something like 101 of them but for the life of me I can’t remember its name.

Not quite a squad, but….


Also not really a squad, but we work with what we have…


The ‘Heart of Justice’ Genome Soldiers from _MGS Portable Ops +_