Show me something from Squaresoft

square-enix is okay too but post that good stuff

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@“Syzygy”#p81577 things I don't want to hear my lover say during sex

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@“captain”#p81583 why was it even called that? “Invisible Alpha”? For the overlooked chad every seaman knows himself to be??

Just combed through a dump of the JP script which doesn't seem to include the line in question :confused:

I want to know what kind of snake oil that salty sailor's peddling

@“captain”#p81595 I found it!! He says:


そういう時はコイツ! 海の男のスーパードリンク『インビンシブルα』!!

He really did mean '~~Invisible~~ Alpha'! Maybe it's a dated reference to a Japanese energy drink from 1997?


*Wait!!* That says "invincible" not, "invisible"! That makes way more sense.

I was not prepared for the ||masamune trombone|| reveal

Just opened up the little mystery box I picked up at prge and hey! if it isn’t the little trombone champ, himself!

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Also grabbed this two-track Chrono Trigger orchestral CD at the show because I lack any self control when it comes to CT-related physical media

I have a running joke with my buddy who I sold “my” copy of Xenogears to circa 2001 where I do Xenogears price watch at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. It is “my” copy because I bought it at launch in 1998, and kept it for 3 years before selling it to my friend who has had it now for 20 years.

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Discs only are like, $150-ish and the case and manual only is like $80-ish on eBay, so this seems like a pretty OK deal! No picture, but _Chrono Cross_ is pretty affordable probably due to the re-printings and the re-issue.

Sorry to post this instead of responding to notifications in this busy time, but this feels urgent: have ya'll seen the opening of the new Star Ocean?

@“antillese”#p88981 those prices made me say a bad word out loud in real life

@“connrrr”#p90860 This is why I am a “player” of games not a “collector” of games. (I guess I'm hardly even a “toucher” of games thanks to emulation.)

@“tokucowboy”#p90850 hell yeah (I will never play this game as long as I live)

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@“tokucowboy”#p90850 When the guitars are djenty and all the spacegirls look like they're 12 years old

I made this

@“tokucowboy”#p90850 TriAce owning this? Well, not that strange compared to what they did with the first scenes of Resonance of Fate.

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@“Osu 16 Bit”#p95520 GOD BLESS THE RING