Show me the terrible music you've made

You made something and it‘s sooo bad, ugh you’d never release that, but you also kinda want somebody else to hear it. This is the place.

Is there another post for good music we‘ve made? Or at least music we hope is good? Anyway I like your song a lot. It feels somehow spooky and happy and retro.

Here’s some of my nonsense:

@“Andy B”#p121294 This is very fun. I found myself wondering constantly where it'd go next. Really nice mixing too.

@“giogadi”#p121300 Thanks. My motto is “if it‘s not good, at least it’s not boring.”

I‘ll share my naked baby photos, why not. This is some music I wrote over a decade ago. I still dig the composition, but it’s just basic synthesized instruments playing back the sheet music so it sounds a little dinky.

@“kyleprocrastinations”#p121309 this ownsssss, like I'm fighting the final boss of a jrpg

Is this just where we share our own music?

I do genuinely think my music is bad but also not trying to troll for affirmation that maybe it's just OK or normal boring, lol.

@“kamillebiden”#p130028 I love this. There's some fun pitchy stuff happening in the pads I enjoy. Reminds me of Bibio


Thanks so much! This thread inspired to me to start this one:

If there's anyone who wants to get a little feedback group going with creative prompts, let me know. I've done something like that before and it was greatly beneficial. There might be enough people here to do something similar.

Oh wow, this is the first time I‘ve mentioned this anywhere online in maybe a decade but here’s my self-indulgent psych-prog-folk-rock album I made back in 2011. So, uh… enjoy I guess.

(I honestly still like at least a few of these songs in the abstract, although the production ranges from rough to outright bad)

Here's some terrible music I made! Made these a few years ago tinkering around with

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@“kamillebiden”#p130028 Not bad at all! I feel like if you put some filters on this it could be right at home in any lo-fi playlist.


@“sdate”#p130051 youre right i should have posted the dubstep i forgot i made

> but then i have to find it


found it

Big up the table cat mandem

Ok for real here's some terrible music, get ready

this is one of the first songs I ever thought worthy of posting on soundcloud, way back when I first started with ableton. The mixing and production are horrible but I kinda still like the overall melody. I should go back and redo this one someday.

Oh wait here's an even worse one. WARNING lower your volume, and then maybe just never click play on this ever

@“AlecS”#p130043 WOW a whole-ass album? You put a lotta heart into this, great job. I can hear promise in a lot of the tunes I skimmed through - I wonder how it woulda sounded with better production. NICE

I just wrote a cover of the first few bars of “Blue Monday” in the RP8 tracker this afternoon on a whim.

Available everywhere, but here is the Spotify link. I have only been playing music for a year. I’ve done everything, from taking the photograph for the album cover, to filming the looping background. This was also the first song I had ever done in one take, and exactly how I had heard it in my head. It is supposed to be sullen, and a bit dragging:

@“giogadi”#p130060 Can I ask what you were aiming for with these? I'm fascinated.