Smokin' Summer Secret Santa Song Swap Style Signup (SWAP'd!! Check your PMs!))

Spring has sprung, the weather is getting warmer, and, hopefully, we're all able to start getting outside more.

### **[color=limegreen]It's gonna be an Insert Credit Style Hot Gamer Summer, and we are all invited.[/color]**

In the spirit of summertime fun, while bandying about some ideas for our [Game & Sounds Poll,]( our collective genius came up with the fun idea to make up some playlists of videogame (or not??) music, and then swap them with each other, Secret Santa style.

Just in case you are not aware of what that is or you have some kinda regional name for it , everyone who signs up to give a gift (in our case a mixtape), puts their name in a hat or bucket or other appropriate receptacle for small slips of folded paper. Then everyone takes turns taking one name out of the hat/bucket/receptacle. That's the person who is the recipient of their gift. So everyone gives and then receives one mixtape!

As well, I will be facilitating the Secret part of the exchange. I almost figured out a way to make it completely secret even to me, but that would be an extra two layers of complication at least, so I'm fine with sitting this one out.

Normally this sort of thing is done within friend groups or families, so there's an element of thoughtfulness that is expected to be shown to the recipient. However, I think that's kind of a weird expectation for a forum, where differing levels of engagement and visibility within the community is a natural part of the environment. I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they needed to be active enough to know the tastes of others or have their tastes known to others in order to participate.

**So, with all of that in mind, I will distribute all of the mixtapes from anonymous creators, to recipients that will also not be revealed to the person creating your mixtape.** Lurkers, new folks, all of you, I especially want YOU to participate!!

I think it's also a good idea to limit it to 10 tracks total, this isn't a homework assignment.

~~To sign up for the mixtape exchange, you only need to do two things.~~

  • - First, follow this link. That will bring you to the Google Form to sign up, submit, edit, and finalize your mixtape as needed.
  • - ~~Second, leave a response to the poll on this thread. This isn't strictly mandatory, but it will be mildly useful for me when I am distributing them.~~
  • ### Signups are closed!

    I put in some things so that you can quickly sign up using the Form, and then return to do your mixtape later, if you don't want to forget to sign up but won't have time for a little bit to sit down and make it. Just like with the OST Poll, you will get an edit link to return to your submission whenever you'd like. Just make sure you Submit whenever you're done using the Google Form, I've put in navigation tools to make this somewhat easier if you want to tinker with it. Let me know if anything strange happens when you use the Form, bugs, annoyances, secret dialogue trees, whatever.

    At approximately **12:00am EST on June 4th** I'll cut off submissions from there, take the list of people who signed up, and jumble that up to pair everyone with a recipient. You should be able to still edit your response after that. Ideally though, everyone is done making their mixtape by then, but I'll bug anyone who hasn't finished and/or remind anyone who may have forgotten. Then, as soon as they're all done, I'll send them all out.

    After that, have a little private listening party to your mixtape, then we'll all come on here and share about what we got!

    [“Insert Credit Smokin’ Summer Song Swap Style Signup/Submission”,“InSert Credit Smokin’ Summer Secret Santa Song Swap Style Signup/Submission”]

    Also the C in “Credit” is Cyrillic for the purposes of getting an SSS alliteration SSScore

    Bump–Could I get this stickied as well? @exodus @Syzygy

    i signed up, and it told me to bookmark the edit link. should i have the edit link now, or will i get it later? because i don't have it now.

    I love this idea. I am very excited.

    Question though, are we allowed to do remixes at all, or just original versions?


    @“pasquinelli”#p70592 i signed up, and it told me to bookmark the edit link. should i have the edit link now, or will i get it later? because i don’t have it now.

    Ah, I copied your steps, and I got a hypertext link to it. It's a little unintuitive, but it will generate that once you hit Submit.

    I edited the question to be clearer about that, sorry about that! I have also cleared your submission so you can just do that again.


    @“Karnovski”#p70600 Question though, are we allowed to do remixes at all, or just original versions?

    Absolutely whatever you want! Even non-videogame tracks. The only rules here are to facilitate me being able to hand mixtapes out while keeping the exchange anonymous.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p70605 got it, okay. I finished mine just doing original soundtracks, but if there is another one in the future, I'll go all out.

    Oh, and a suggestion, I know it was explained that we can't really personalize these for people so much, but if in this thread each person that signs up could list a top 5 games/soundtracks or something, we could atleast have an idea. Not sure how plausible that is but just an idea that popped into my head.


    @“Karnovski”#p70608 but if in this thread each person that signs up could list a top 5 games/soundtracks or something, we could atleast have an idea.

    I think it would be fun to do that sort of thing in the thread once they've been sent out and people are sharing about listening to them! Then anyone who wanted to identify themselves, or be coy about it, could have fun with it that way.

    I love mix tapes! I submitted mine after spending a couple hours constructing something. I like it! I‘ll for sure be boppin’ around to my own playlist while waiting for my secret santa list to arrive. Cool idea! Thanks for organizing @Gaagaagiins

    I really like that too. This is great!

    So in here we just have to put 10 tracks whatsoever that we think are bangers and then put on the Google form, right? Sorry, but to differenciate both of the lists in here.

    I‘m pulling together mine now and it’s excruciatingly difficult to narrow it down to 10 tracks that are either suitably summery and / or somewhat upbeat and not all from similar genres.

    @“xhekros”#p70628 just input your picks straight into the Google Form! I'll do the rest.

    I‘m all done on mine. Didn’t save the link so no backsies even though most of my notes are atrocious. Have fun mystery recipient!

    I should also add that I put the song's artist in the game name field - seemed the best place for it.

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p70647 next time around would you like us to create the actual playlist within the music service/YouTube and share that with you? I don't want to create too much work for you and would like to help out within my own bounds.

    That was fun. I‘m not well-versed in game music, so I’m quite curious to see what I end up listening to

    Getting dedeco as your secret Santa would be like winning the lottery

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p70485 I would like to participate, but I think there is something super obvious to everyone else that is non-obvious to me. I don‘t get how this is distributed. Perhaps it’s obvious on the form? Do we receive a list of Youtube or spotify links or do we end up getting MP3s or something?

    @“antillese”#p70754 I second this question :slight_smile: