Snow Time 2023 (Southern Hemisphere Do Not Interact (jk))

Have you seen any snow fall in your area yet for this 2022 winter season?

Post itt once you've had even a little bit of snow fall, or if you are anticipating snow soon, or if you like snow, ir if you don't.

We got a light dusting a few nights ago, it has all melted already but it's gonna come back soon and probably stay for good.


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i love snow! but i haven't seen any yet. last year i think it snowed… once? maybe twice? still firmly in the autumn zone over here right now, though.

will keep you posted!

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@“Gaagaagiins”#p89230 it‘s been freakishly warm and dry in the pacific northwest. i’m still wearing shorts at night. i heard some polar vortex or other has shut down, and the prediction is warmer overall with sporadic cold snaps that are colder than normal, so i bet we'll get snow eventually, if it ever gets wet.

why, when i were a boy it'd rain for nine months straight. (i'm assuming the voice of an old coot, but it's not that far from true.)

don't know what the world's coming to. shaking my damned head.

I love snow and I love winter. I just screwed some ice spikes into my trail shoes so I'm ready for the freezing rain this year too.

no we havent even had a real frost yet. flowers etc still hanging around. Anyway it's October even w global warming


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this is a prime "what's up it's 26 C (80 F) in January" bragging thread. gaagaagiins ceding favorable terrain

No snow for me yet either! Though it has gotten down to the temperatures where it could start to happen - it‘s often been overcast, but no precipitation yet. Coincidentally, just last night I posted a WIP of some music I’ve been working on for a snowy-area in a game, if it might help anyone get in the mood:

@“Funbil”#p89250 gorgeous! Has that Hollow Knight melancholy, almost a palpable white haze about it…really puts me in that snow mood. Gosh, I love snow so much…feels like it’s going to be a while before we see any, but I could use some quality music to tide me over:

Anyone else want to post some more snow tracks to tide us over until we can make some snow tracks of our own?

I must admit that it‘s only really stopped feeling like summer for a couple of weeks where I live, or at least I perceive minor temperature drops less than others, so it barely feels like it’s autumn yet. I don‘t imagine it’ll snow until at least December but in recent years we've had snow in as late as February and March so who knows when the UK will come to a standstill next?

@“pasquinelli”#p89234 yeah I‘m near vancouver and it hasn’t rained here in a few months, and has felt like summer (especially with all the wildfire smoke forcing us to keep the windows closed) until just about… today. seems like we‘re getting rain over the weekend and I’m over the moon with excitement.

we've been getting abnormal amounts of snow (as in, any amount) the past few years so i wouldn't be surprised if that starts showing up soon

It snowed pretty recently in the South[ern hemisphere]. Like this was the 7th of October.

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The snow's been a bit farcked down here. This mountain has a ski field and the whole expected ski season late July to September was pretty bad. So bad in fact that the ski field operator has gone into voluntary administration. (the last two seasons were affected by lockdowns which didn't help).

@“wickedcestus”#p89409 yeah, my wife just told me this afternoon that we‘re forecasted to get rain starting this weekend for the next ten days. maybe i’ll get some worms in my compost pile.

PNW checking in from the South Salish Sea. The rain has come and it finally feels like Fall, although for a couple weeks now it‘s been foggy in the morning which was pretty cool before all the wildfire smoke got real bad and made it hazy all day. I assume we’ll get snow again this year, but I couldn‘t tell you why. It wasn’t a regular occurrence in my youth but it feels like one or two snows that stick around have been happening every year. Our first real frost feels imminent.


@“yeso”#p89245 what’s up it’s 26 C (80 F) in January

That's gonna be me (even though I'm not in the southern hemisphere) and I hate it!!!

Over here the weather doesn't care about seasons.

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(this is from this week)


It snowed here in Minnesota last weekend


@“edward”#p89495 It snowed here in Minnesota last weekend

Anchorage got its first little dusting a week or so ago and nothing really since then. Looks like temps are finally starting to drop next week


this is what it's like living here

@“Syzygy”#p91656 schvitzing up here smh