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30th anniversary baby.

||I'm going to write some slightly self indulgent crap.||

For about ten minutes since I started writing this post I've been trying to think of some non-saccahrine or 'cringe' inducing way that I could talk about how Sonic is somewhat important to me.

To open with the normal cliché, I grew up with Sonic. Importantly to me, I grew up in the United Kingdom with Sonic. In the UK Sonic had it's own comics and these comics after the first 30 issues had their own long form storytelling. It had it's own characters and defined it's own mythos for some of it's inhabitants, but the writers of of "Sonic The Comic" were never really told ahead of time what they could and could not do, with their only reference originally being the [Sonic Bible]( These 20-30 page, [Chewits packets bundled](, issues used to show up every fornight as treat to me from my father.

The most commonly discussed element of this is [Super Sonic being evil](, something that was built over the comic with them splitting into two entities and Super Sonic living as an amneisac, kind hearted individual before eventually fusing again with Sonic just on the eve of the comics demise,

Alternatively there is the time Knuckles got really high on spores and hallucinated dinosaurs being angry with him.

This was all being published by the same company that did Judge Dredd, and even had industry professionals ||(regardless how you feel about them)|| Mark Millar write a few stories.

Looking at what Sonic has now a days these are largely laughable but my childhood brain spent so long trying to draw the connections between SatAM, Sonic Underground, Sonic from the Ladybird books, Fleetway Sonic, Archie Sonic, Sonic games and all the time wondering "So is [Kintobor]( actually relevant to any of these? Why is [Sonic old](".

However, what Sonic means to you is dicated somewhat by the media you are most familiar with Sonic in. His myriad of television shows that rebooted his character over the years, be it the aforementioned SatAM, Underground or even X might have been someone's first exposure to it and his effectiveness as a cross media character is what has managed to keep him so prevelant even in the years where his license was admittedly struggling. This is why, even if his next games aren't great, the movies will keep him going for better or worse.

Before the pandemic began I attended the [Sonic Adventure Music Experince (SAME)]( in London, the queues ran out of the door. I had been going with a friend but he had pulled out due to a family situation, so my wife humoured me, and next to me in the queue was a young man who had made his way down from Edinburgh - I asked him what his favourite track was and what he was hoping to hear and he proceeded to give me a laundry list, from games I hadn't even played in the period where I considered myself "too cool" for Sonic. Even games he acknowledged he didn't enjoy he steadfast told me that he at the very least enjoyed the music and seeing the hundreds of people standing in front of me as I went in, I feel it speaks to it's lasting appeal.
This event was largely fan organised as well, the link above is for a kickstarter which was used to fund it. [A room full of people singing City Escape ]( was a treat too.

Anyway, it's good to see a new classic collection with S3&K in it coming out and I'll probably play the Colors remaster. I think I just wanted a reason to talk about Sonic the Comic again.

[read sonic the comic]( it's mostly garbage but there's some good stuff buried.

thank you for using a tan arms sonic

I probably have some deep early-childhood-development reflection to do w/r/t this topic, but for now my immediate thought is related to work: I supervise 7-year-old students for recess/lunch at a school and was walking with them to a nearby park the other day. One of them fell a little behind, so I let the other supervisor take the rest of the class while I fell back to make sure this other kid was able to catch up. We started jogging a little, and he said “gotta go fast.” Once was just a coincidence, I thought. It couldn't be. But then he said/sang it again–this time I was sure, on purpose–to the notes of a once familiar tune.

Man, this show was terrible. I watched all of it.


@Syzygy#31705 I did read Archie Sonic here and there back in the day, though I was never way past into it, just got single issues at the magazine stand sometimes

I did this.


get all the alternate covers and complete run of the issue #50 SONIC VS. ROBOTNIK ENDGAME SAGA

I did not do this.


||i actually don't mind the boom design||


I had a similar thing happen, I used to volunteer reading with children at my partner's school and suddenly one of the kids started quoting Adventure 2 at me.


Archie is something I never delved really deep into it, but intrigues me for the same reason that I enjoy STC - there's so many out there interpretations of Sonic's world. I recently read some of the Ian Flynn Sonic Universe run and seeing things like King Sonic after only hearing it referenced to in a[ very particular blog ]( was impressive for how much it commited to holding onto continuity in a way.

Flaws and all, big Sonic fan here checking in!

I had a neighbor friend who liked the first game and also liked Kriss Kross' 1992 album _Totally Krossed Out_. We would often play the game while listening to that album and I consider it a totally valid variant soundtrack. I don't think _Sonic 1_ holds up that well these days without balance changes like the spin dash (though that adds its own problems).

_Sonic 2_ is fine. I absolutely was caught up in the Sonic Tuesday hype and played it quite a bit with various friends. Good game, and fixes a lot of things about the first one, but it's too long to play in one session. This is a reoccurring theme in Sonic games, but I think it's an artifact of their time.

_Sonic CD_ is quite interesting, but it's also very slowly paced. A friend of a friend got the Sega CD at launch and I played the first few levels a few times. I didn't really play it through until the very late 90s when a friend had the Windows port. I played it all the way through when Christian Whitehead ported it to iOS about 10 years ago on an iPhone 4 because I am a huge Sonic fan and apparently don't like precise controls.

_Sonic 3_ is superb. I like the character designs the most out of the original 2D run of the series. I love the music. I rented it a bunch and never got past that goddamned barrel of doom in Carnival Night Zone, but I didn't care. I found out years later that you can push up and down on the d-pad while standing on the barrel. The barrel catapulted to the top of that room and back to the top of my heart. 😍

_Sonic and Knuckles_ is an expansion pack and the levels are inconsistent in quality. These days, I play the _[Sonic 3 Complete_ ROM hack]( which I highly recommend. Seriously, [check out this bug fix and change log]( I love it.

_Sonic Mania_ is arguably better than any of these games and is tons of fun.

Now for my dark Sonic fan shame: I don't think I've ever played a 3D Sonic game. I got really close to buying _Sonic Colors_ when it was new on the Wii, so I think I'm going to pick up the remaster... "For my kids".

I like him and his crew! I totally get the love for that stuff. The character design for the classic cast is really fun and colorful. The music is also fun and colorful! These are the nice things I have to say about Sonic the Hedgehog, and I will not disparage him in his dedicated threadhog.

@latescapegoat#31787 i honestly don‘t think it’s possible to end a conversation about sonic without disparaging him in some way.


Let's go to the tapes...


@captain#31710 Man, this show was terrible. I watched all of it.


@antillese#31776 “For my kids”.


@Syzygy#31712 some of us are late-bloomers, it’s okay


@Auberji#31691 it’s mostly garbage but there’s some good stuff buried.

Checks out.

Lifelong sonic fan here!

Through the ups and downs the character has stayed very close to me. There are a handful of the not so great games I haven't played, but I can enjoy the mediocre ones for the most part. I'm very excited about this year of sonic and just hope Sega doesn't t screw it up again!

It's interesting to see how sonic is still relevant to today's youth. My little sister, who is 8, is super into sonic, not through my influence at all. She learned of it just through seeing him t-shirts and stuff I guess, then watched the movie when it came and she's all into the games. Kinda interesting how that worked.

Oh and since @Auberji mentioned sonic music, what‘s everyone’s favorite sonic soundtrack? For me it‘s gotta be SA2. It’s well rounded and fun as heck and is probably responsible for shaping the person I am today lol.

sonics 1 and 2 were two of the maybe like 4 games i had as a kid for the genesis. i remember sonic 2 coming in the mail for some reason and my parents showing it to me but i wasn't allowed to play it at that time because i was grounded. mean

weirdly i have barely engaged with any other sonic media. i had a dreamcast but for some reason wanted hydro thunder instead of sonic adventure. i think sonic adventure may have gotten a bad review in game informer

i replayed sonic 1 and 2 last year. i just think 1 is an outstanding game. i prefer it to 2 mostly because it's easier and also i like the colors more. also on the soundtrack there's something to be said for nakamura hitting it out of the fuckin park and onto the highway

still have never beaten 2


Mine is _3_, though if it was in _Mania_, I probably like the remixed version _Mania_ better. Especially the Green Hill remix.

I have probably spent the most time listening to _Sonic CD’s_ soundtracks as music though. Both those soundtracks are just such **moods**.

@“milo”#p31819 For me it's also Adventure 2.

Have recently been thinking about how much (if at all) the stuff I listened to when I was 5 (Sonic Adventure 2) may have had a real effect on what I listen to/subconsciously gravitate toward today. I didn't know the names of the genres (or that musical genres were a thing) at the time but the game (along with [Toonami ad breaks]( was my intro to certain kinds of rock and electronic music, hip-hop, jazz, samba, basically everything that was in it was my first exposure to that particular sound. I wouldn't necessarily say these are the best tracks in the game but at the time I knew I wanted to hear more [drum and bass]( and [trance](, whatever those were.

@milo#31819 It really is Adventure 2 for me as well, it's got such a wide mix of tunes. The dreamcast was pretty responsible for creating my musical taste in general ha. I went through a period of listening to it on a loop on Spotify recently when I was in the mood.

I think Generations did a great job rearranging some of the tracks too:

@captain white jungle and Supporting Me were so so good.



Haha honestly! That game, plus the first one, came out at a time in my life where I was discovering what music and media I was into and I was getting into rock music pretty heavily, so a sonic game coming out with a dominantly rock soundtrack really resonated with me. I think Jun Senoue is an excellent composer. And like you said, the well rounded aspects of the soundtrack helped open the doors to other genres for me as well.

A runner up for me is the JP Sonic CD soundtrack. So funky!

Toot toot Sonic warrior

Lots of complicated feelings here too. I was right at the gap of growing out of Ninja Turtles and while I was already firmly planted in the Nintendo camp for gaming, I still remember being shocked by playing Sonic 1 at a friend's slumber party where he rented a Genesis and I was introduced to the Sega brand.

While at the time , you couldn't have convinced me otherwise that it wasn't all about the gameplay and character, I think it was also level design wise just so different looking (and colored) from what the NES/SNES were doing that it stuck with me and I was hooked. I remember (and still think I have it in a box somewhere) the EGM issues w/ the "origin" comic, was able to convince my mom to let me subscribe to the Archie comic (I think I hung around for a year or so only) and do remember the Jaleel White cartoon as well. (The other one was on cable or satellite or whatever, which I didn't have access to)

My neighbor ended up being so enamored that he went with the Sonic bundle Genesis and never looked back. (Though his brother did eventually get an SNES) So I was able to take advantage of his kindness and take advantage of [Sonic Tuesday](, Sonic 3 & Knuckles and even Sonic CD when he got his Sega CD.

We even went as far as using an old hi-8 camcorder and created our own video game show review where we had ads for EGM/Gamefan, Sonic the Cereal (think Lucky Charms w/ Ring "O's" and Chaos Emerald marshmallows, how original, right?) and even recorded each other while playing the game and voicing Sonic as he played. Looking back on it, we were streamers before it was even a thing! So lots of good memories. (Glad that tape never got on the internet though, can't think of all the blackmail that could be used for now...)

As for the games themselves, I'd say I bounced off them after Sonic CD. I didn't like the direction 3 went with the graphics and character sprites (curse you Donkey Kong Country!) and admit that while I did finish Sonic Adventure and picked up Adventure 2, I never finished the latter. I tried Mania and it....just didn't click. I love the music and design but I just wasn't having fun 3-4 levels in and that was it for me. I do still go back and play 1 & 2 (The M2 3DS ports) as well as the PS3 port of Sonic CD on occasion.

As much as I enjoyed time attacking certain levels and playing the 2P sections of Sonic 2 with my friend, I never minded the slower levels in Sonic games that much and I always enjoyed the verticality the levels had as well and how it felt so rewarding to learn the level well enough to be able to navigate the top route or simply explore as needed.

Sonic 2 fell apart for me at the end, Metropolis Zone didn't need a 3rd level and the Sky Fortress was just kinda... odd? (It's also the only Dreams Come True track I genuinely don't like) as crazy as the levels in CD were, they were my pinnacle for Sonic levels and I think the way the design for the game in general shifted in 3 and on were the bigger factors in my dislike as opposed to the mechanics themselves. (I do recall specifically not enjoying the mechanics for the special stages in 3 though. Not my idea of fun)

Looking forward to the Origins release and hoping they pull an M2 on them and put all the fun little features and tweaks in. (like the stuff from the Sonic Jam Museum/Theater on the Saturn) Would love to have both the US and JP OST's for CD and all the other fun stuff like that.

While I don't think I'll ever get into another 3D Sonic myself but can't help but thank him for expanding my horizons with gaming and giving me the chance to also grow up with Streets of Rage and Treasure's catalog as well.

@Unbeknownst2U#31883 this was really nice to read. also i agree with a lot of the opinions here. although i'm personally having a blast with sonic mania



@Unbeknownst2U#31883 We even went as far as using an old hi-8 camcorder and created our own video game show review

this owns

I played a shit ton of Sonic 2 as a child but was never able to beat the game because it was so long! I couldn‘t get through the game in a single session! Sky Fortress was where I always gave up because by then it had been 3 hours and I was so out of it by then I couldn’t complete it.

@tapevulture#31921 I should probably give Mania another chance. Maybe after a run through of 1-2 I‘ll be in a better “zone” to jump into it again. I can’t recall which boss it was but one of them was just annoying enough to set it down and when that happens, my backlog is sitting there on my shelf giving me evil looks…

And yeah, even if we dug up the tape, we may have worn it out from repeated viewings. Far to many gut busting points throughout, including a segment on keeping your little brothers away from your games/systems (They didn't seem to find that segment funny/helpful for some reason...) and how to beg for forgiveness when your mom catches you playing your games when you shouldn't. (Which is a full on game now itself!) Man we were big dorks but it was a lot of fun.

I enjoyed Sonic Mania a ton until I got to one of the later zones and kept dying to things I couldn‘t see, which is unfortunately my experience with every Sonic game. Great style, graphics and music but I don’t actually like the platforming.