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@christoffing#31985 kept dying to things I couldn’t see, which is unfortunately my experience with every Sonic game

mine too actually. this bums me out because i'm about 2/3 of the way through and have been lauding the game for not doing this so far

Sonic Advance is very fun and has very fluid animations, which I like, however it has what I call “Level Design Crimes” where it will just hurl the player into enemies and spikes that are just offscreen and can‘t be reacted to by the player. I don’t remember if Sonic 2 had these. Weird that Sonic Mania also has these…crimes.

I also like how nearly every Sonic game has a huge fuckin Airship/Rocket/Spacestation level made by Dr Robotnik. Dude is loaded

@marlfuchs2#32262 Don't get me wrong, Mania is much better at and more aware of this than earlier Sonic games! But as soon as it happened a couple of times I had a deja vu experience, remembered the latter stages of Sonic 2 and kinda lost interest.

I dont know where yall fall on fan games but Sonic Robo Blast 2 (SRB2) is the only 3D sonic Ive ever liked. It gets what makes a sonic level a sonic level and does it in 3D. I cant abide the game play of the main line 3D games. Running down a ribbon, stopping to bonk bots, scripted loops… Its no good. I'm kinda with Tim Rogers on making 3D Sonic more like a racing game and less like a platformer.

Speaking of sonic racing games & SRB2
SRB2 Kart is by far the best, most technical Kart racer Ive ever played. It has a big online multiplayer scene which is nice.

Pretty good for a Doom mod.

I think I‘m a fair bit younger than the average age of forum users here so my Sonic Experience was somewhat different. I first played Sonic 1? on one of those flash game websites as a kid, my friends and I could often get to the 2nd level but never much further than that. Sonic games weren’t super popular when I was growing up (2000's) but I definitely knew of him and the series before I played an official game.

In 2004 I had a Sonic LCD game from McDonalds where you played as the Robot (from Adventure or Heroes?) in an Ice hockey game. In the same year my familty went on a holiday to England to visit our cousins. My cousin had a PS2 with Sonic Heroes, we played versus, one of us picked Shadow's team, I remember thinking he was cool.

The first Sonic game I owned was Sonic Riders, I remember choosing it at The Warehouse and my dad bought it for me. Seeing the pre-rendered [opening scene]( of the game was probably the first time I was wowed by graphics in a game. Unlocking Shadow with rollerblades was a pretty big moment too. This game is still a favourite of mine and I finished off all the missions a year or two ago to finally unlock the last characters (Ulala, AiAi, Knights). I was really into this game and even drew an OC with thier own board, I think they just looked like Knuckles but had some blue tips on thier hair/spikes. (Fun Fact: [level 4]( of this game uses a couple of the same samples as Tetris Effect.

A friend of mine got an Xbox 360 relatively early (07?) and had Sonic 06, we played this game quite a bit but only in versus on crisis city. He would always choose Silver and I would be left with Sonic or Shadow. Silver could levitate and thus sequence break the early parts of the level. The one time we played a different level, I got stuck behind a locked door.

The second Sonic game I owned was the PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed, I got it as a Christmas present one year. I didn't know the 360/PS3 version existed until I watched GameGrumps play it in 2013/14, I was pretty shocked to see the towns being 3D environments and not the 2D sections I was used to. I found the daytime levels pretty hard and never really understood what was going on in the werehog levels. I haven't beaten this game but I did get to Eggman land. The opening cutscene was cool though.

Around this time the supermarket sold a small selection of videogames, among those I clearly remember Shadow the Hedgehog being apart of them. I always wanted it, my friend eventually got it but we never played it because it was single player. We played a lot of Ratchet and Clank 3 multiplayer, and a demo of The Italian Job (Wahlberg) instead.

The third Sonic game I owned was Sonic Rush I got it in 2009 and played it on my DS lite. I think I was randomly given it by my dad before we flew down to the South Island to see my sister who was doing her last year of high school in Wanaka. I remember playing the first few levels on the plane and having a really hard time on the first boss. I eventually figured out that I needed to hold down A to jump higher. Once you beat that boss you unlock Blaze, this along with the characters page in the manual set my expectations very high thinking I would be able to unlock Knuckles. I only beat the final boss of this game a few years ago, I bought the sequel but didn't play much, the artstyle was all wrong.

I haven't had much Sonic Experience since these games, mania never interested me, I watched someone play forces. I've listened to the Sonic R ost quite a bit, I've also listened to Sonic Rush ost quite a bit, they give me energy and focus. [Raisin' Me Up]( is my favourite but it doesn't sound quite right not coming from the DS speakers.



I haven’t had much Sonic Experience since these games, mania never interested me, I watched someone play forces. I’ve listened to the Sonic R ost quite a bit

Yes, my friend got me hooked on the Sonic R OST too. Right up there with best Sega lyrical songs of the day IMO.


@“Auberji”#p31742 started quoting Adventure 2 at me.

What were they saying? I remember all the dialogue in that game

(i didn't see i had a reply . . .)

@“captain”#p34911 the faker speech of all things, there was context to this hah

@“Auberji”#p34951 Nice. I wonder if they played the game or if they‘d just seen the clip somewhere (that bit of dialogue has kind of become a meme, hasn’t it?)

just sticking this here because what else am i gonna do?

this 30th anniversary symphony is a nice treat, including the Crush 40 performance.

Do we know who this orchestra is? The conductor is not very good (or is having a bad night (or there are technical issues)).

@“billy”#p35355 a google claims Prague philharmonic.

I am not musically inclined enough, I enjoyed it, but what highlights this?

@“Auberji”#p35405 Sections of the orchestra have clearly rehearsed in covid bubbles and aren‘t really aware of each other or the performance as a whole. This would normally be resolved by a strong conductor, but he seems to allow the tempo to run away in multiple directions at one time and is just doing his best to hold the whole thing together rather than providing any real direction. It’s possible there are technical issues preventing sections from hearing one another, or worse, preventing the conductor from hearing clearly.

Conducting an orchestra is hard! I occasionally had to do it in a previous job and never want to again. Arranging for one is fun, but those guys are dicks and will let you know that with metronomic frequency.

@“billy”#p35480 Oh right, interesting. Thanks!

Since nobody asked

**01.** Sonic 3 (& Knuckles)
**02.** Sonic 2
**03.** Sonic Mania
**04.** Sonic Generations
**05.** Sonic Advance 2
**06.** Sonic Chaos
**07.** Sonic Rivals 2
**08.** Sonic Rush
**09.** Sonic Colours
**10.** Sonic CD

@“billy”#p35718 The Insert Credit Sonic & Hedgehog Poll 2021

Okay I'll bite!

Sonic CD
Sonic 1
Sonic Mania
Sonic Adventure 2
Sonic Advance 2
Sonic Adventure 1
Sonic Advance 1
Sonic 1 MS/GG
Sonic Generations
Sonic World (from Sonic Jam)

@“milo”#p35722 Milo based on the composition of your list I'm interested in checking Sonic CD out