Sprite Sheet Yakuza Back Tattoo

Due to your terrible mistake of bumping into an extremely nerdy yakuza family you‘ve been drafted into their ranks.

After years of shady IT work you’re being taken in for your full back tattoo of a videogame character‘s sprite sheet, who and what do you pick?

It doesn’t have to be the full characters sprite sheet, it could be the section of an especially cool move as long as there's at least 16 frames.


I'm going with this section from ShadeMan from MegaMan Battle Network 5.

Mochi from Contact


Gotta be the stinky ghost from Mother 3



Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town work sprites


How about some Mother Brain?

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sorry, seven frames short



Love this thread idea!

I want some kind of arrangement of Thiana (especially the sequence of her falling asleep) and the little squirrel sprites from Panel du Pon


Or Kuma from Tekken Card Challenge


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SV ostrich

Or I could get The World and then nobody could ever be mean to me

Do it for her

I would get Annet Myer's sprites from Annet Futatabi

Or mushihimesama's loading screen animation [URL=https://i.imgur.com/0YMp0Of.jpeg][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/0YMp0Of.jpeg[/IMG][/URL]

Put every pixel of this into my skin

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To produce an authentic level of tattoo shame, ensuring an appropriate level of exclusion from civilised society:


Even though I think it's quite aesthetically pleasing.

This one is so elaborate. So i'd probably go with the next one so i could sit in the chair less.


I gave this a bunch of thought! And in the end it came down to two ideas, one purely for aesthetics (but that isn't a set of animations per se) and one for following the spirit of the thread (not just a series of images but an animation for a character).

My first one is some food items and weapons from Symphony of the Night:


And the second is the entire sprite sheet for P2 from Forgotten Worlds. I'd probably edit the layout to be more symmetric, but... maybe not?



@“exodus”#p159750 She will always be imprinted on my brain as a sidebar ad on NEWGROUNDS homepage


this is the only complete sprite sheet I found on the english web for BRANDISH:
one of my best friends has the forward facing trainer sprite tattooed on his thigh, I'd probably also go with the full trainer animations, plus or minus all these NPCs:


I completely forgive you


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It's gotta be this little guy:

If there was some Tattoo Assassins shit going on and your tattoo came to life, I'd want the dude with the hammer and obviously ripped arms (from the hammerin') on my side.