Super Mario Bros. Movie: The Morton Jankel Cut Watchalong

@“exodus”#p33065 this would be fun and would make it a lot easier to chat in real time.

I‘ve been a bit absent from the forum lately but I’m definitely a fan of this idea! June 18th works for me; I‘m not really one for Discord or Twitch but I’ll try to comment on the forum (or if nothing else, read other folks comments)!

I haven't seen Super Mario Bros since I was a kid and it will be my girlfriend's first time watching it. I'm thinking of burning a DVD and trying to watch it on my CRT TV for MAXIMUM NOSTALGIA

I‘m super into the idea, as well as reacting live to it (although I agree Discord, Twitch or any other type of live chat would be the best way to do it). Only problem on my side would be that 9:30PM EST is basically 2:30AM here, which isn’t super super great for European folks such us myself, but whatever works for the majority!

We'll be doing this tomorrow!

Uh, is the movie no longer available for anyone else at the link Alex provided above? Is this some dumb region locking thing or did it recently get taken down?

oh no

[upl-image-preview url=//]

not the exact file as originally linked, but this is a user upscaling it to 1080. Seems to still be there. Maybe download the mpeg just incase it disappears soon?

[**Warning, this is a 9.8GB file**](

Maybe one person could download it and then stream it on the night on discord or twitch?

Streaming the movie over a public platform like twitch is probably not a great idea. One alternative is maybe organizing Plex “watch parties.” I'm not sure how many participants we will have for this or how many concurrent viewers any given personal plex server can manage, but if we get a few people with plex servers on board maybe we can break out into groups (maybe like 5ish people each?) and each group can hop on one. I dunno, just brainstorming.

I’m afraid this is too much to ask of people at the last minute. Streaming all from the same source is one thing but I’m not sure this will really work unless somebody wants to take charge.

It is streamable from archiveorg from the page linked above.

Direct link that pre-selects the movie rather than the sample:±+AI+Upscaled.mp4

Unfortunately now I can't make it for the watchalong -- but I'll watch some time this weekend.

I have it downloaded already, so I'm still down if other folks are. But it sounds like we should push this back so we can reformulate the plan.

@“kory”#p34622 isn‘t it? @fortninety does it all the time, no? i think it’s fine as long as it‘s a one time thing and it’s not saved later

@“tombo”#p34627 I‘m not much of a twitch user, so I really can’t say and would defer to anyone more knowledgeable about the platform. Intuitively it seems like it would not be permitted to broadcast without the permission of the rightsholders (not a moral judgement here, just my intuition based on rudimentary understanding of the regulations).

Apologies if a bit of a swerve here, but I haven't seen anyone else mention it. I encourage everyone to check out the podcast “Best Movies Never Made”. Early last year they did a four part series on the Super Mario Bros. Movie, a deep-dive through different script drafts and all kinds of really interesting info. Great compendium along with this newly restored cut!

HMMMM, what do we do? I‘d try broadcasting it but ever since some handy windows updates I can’t use my 5G wifi anymore. Might be worth working with someone on the action button discord since there are more humans there, but I‘ll admit I don’t have time to take charge of this :o

looking like we've got a tough road ahead here, especially since the video isn't available now, except in alternate versions. Did anyone manage to grab it before that!?

@“treefroggy”#p34663 Wow, I really gotta play Killer7.

@"exodus"#p34662 Would the upload at @"rejj"#p34625's post not work? Isn't the only difference that the resolution is artificially upscaled? If that doesn't work for anybody, I was able to download that version and would be willing to stream. I've got 150mbps download/10 upload speed, I know that's faster than average but not sure if it's good enough to stream.

I managed to dl both the 3gb and 9gb versions. It seems like just streaming (or downloading) the upscaled version from should work as long as they are still hosting. Otherwise, I can set up a twitch stream (I have about 30 mbps up I think). I tested it last nite and it seems feasible. I can get a test stream running in a little while if people want to try it out.

we can try to just run that stream! I don't know how the AI upscaling differs from the real deal but we can just give it a go!