artie bucco is basically me if i were charming and personable.

if you’ll excuse me…

@“pasquinelli”#p75412 the sopranos stresses me out so much, still not sure how I watched as much of it as I did

@“kory”#p75417 that's interesting. to me it feels like catching up with old friends.

what stresses you out?

@“pasquinelli”#p75418 just some of the family dynamics and interpersonal interactions hit a bit too close to home. Only partly formed thoughts here, though—no shade on the show, which definitely deserves its accolades

@“kory”#p75422 I talked about this on the podcast or a bonus episode or something. I can‘t watch this show, the family that hates each other is absolutely miserable for to watch and I can’t do it. Basically a lot of the interactions are too accurate but without the people doing anything to try to fix it, which is just stress I don't need!

@“Dunkr”#p75545 What kills me is the fact this video is hosted on her official Youtube account!


@“Syzygy”#p75672 I know, right? If anything that speaks his (or even Frakes‘?!) confidence - it’s not weird to him; it's not weird to us.