@“Syzygy”#p75672 what amazes me is that he even does it in reverse sometimes when standing back up

haha - great minds, etc.

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@“Dunkr”#p75735 Borat voice

||I disagree with the premise/title of this video, but it's funny independently of that. This kind of echo-question isn't "necessary" to the craft of dramatic dialogue, true, but they don't sound as ridiculous as they are sometimes made out to be. In this very comment section you've got people saying we "never" talk like this in English, but I do it all the time [size=5](should I stop???)||

I came to this looking for three the hard way and didn‘t find it, but there’s still some okay ones

@“captain”#p76190 should you stop??

@“Dunkr”#p76252 i starts to sound like a bird call.

made this many a year ago

This Ryan guy has made every imaginable Star Trek supercut.