@“copySave”#p94317 tell you what, I've seen a lot of dummies worse than these. these are movies with budgets!!!

@“exodus”#p94319 Agreed - but at least he ran somewhat of a gamut

@“copySave”#p94321 I guess it does get better as it goes along - I stopped watching because the first 3 weren't bad at all, and I actually think the fugitive dummy is Quite Good

@“exodus”#p94322 Yeah, must have been a fun shoot day to chuck a bunch of dummies over a dam and get a shot of it not looking like it straight up died

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The show that keeps on giving

I appreciate the honesty and proof of human video scrubbing
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after watching one of these fast & furious gearshifting supercuts as a joke, my friends and I got for real obsessed with these movies and now we reunite to catch the new ones in the theaters.

I‘ve not made a supercut in a while but I have a list of ideas which I’ll sometimes add to. On a plane last week I saw this part of the new Jurassic Park which reminded me of this idea. Just a bunch of heads going in and out of water. Preferably all similarly framed static shots. With the right music and enough clips I think it could work. It's a hard thing to search for but I thought this forum could help me find some good examples.

This is some kind of supercut.

(doesn‘t embed, so instead of just leaving the big square saying “watch on youtube” here I’ll just make it a link like that)

sound on for this one


Here‘s something I did a short while back.

This is a youtube playlist containing all 6 videos I made. I’d have put it on vimeo instead, but I don't have the quota on a free account to upload that much.


Supercuts time.