Tears of Iwata’s Kingdom

For now anything that you discover via a leak should be spoilered. Any thoughts you have concluded about the game from preview material is open, but you can spoiler it too if you want.

There’s a lot to say, and a lot that I’m sure_will be_ said, so I don’t have to. Like how filmic this all is, it’s what they were striving for all along.

Going into this I’m keeping my context that the tears of the kingdom are [tears of mourning for the late and great Iwata-san. ](https://youtu.be/fgbX_lK-0tA)
The fact the first ability you gain is called *Ultrahand*, named after an invention of the also tragic and suddenly passed Gunpei Yokoi, has me wondering if this game is going to reference more late Nintendo greats. Maybe Hiroshi Yamauchi next? Lol

Coming off an 80-hour replay of botw, but on emulator in 4K 60fps etc, I’m not feeling shocked by going back to switch graphics. I have the switch on max overclock settings. The shadow resolution was a bit jarring when I got to the first forested area. But it’s kind of cool, in the way low res gaming has always been cool.

I am already seeing signs of parallels to Majora’s Mask (>!being transitioned to "another world" via dark halls filled with giant rotating gears and tree roots…!<) and **Zelda II: Adventure of Link**. I think the tears may resemble whatever light orbs you had to collect in Zelda II. The ascend mechanic resembles the mirror in A Link to the Past, where you may wind up teleporting into a solid object or where you didn’t mean to go, and you can cancel it.

There are runes printed EVERYWHERE on the sky architecture… aesthetically awesome, gives us tons to transcribe, but also, a vehicle for marketing Nintendo’s style of copy… the texture of the totk edition switch console has the exact textures of this world printed on it with attention to detail in 3D… makes you wanna put your hands on it real bad.

Was this the first time in the series a character has audibly spoken the name >!_Zelda_? (Aside from CDi of course.!< Japanese dub owns btw)


Day negative five patch is here!



The day 1 patch will improve the game's performance by A LOT. It includes an update to AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR), which is a new AMD technology that “uses cutting-edge upscaling technologies to help boost your framerates […] and deliver high-quality, high-resolution gaming experiences, without having to upgrade to a new graphics card.”

[“Tears of Iwata-san (TotK spoiler zone)”,“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (TotK spoiler zone)”]

I‘m predicting a lot of people will complain about a >!“five hour tutorial”!<. I’m nearly 10 hours deep.

Edit: ok I’m over 10 hours in now, feels like I’ve gotten to the meat. And it’s awesome.

I miss heroes path from botw dlc so bad!!

Rumble has leveled up and feels great on my 8bitdo!

[“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (TotK spoiler zone)”,“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (PRE-RELEASE)”]

Just popping in to say I watched the DF review and was pleased to hear Hateno Village's uilleann pipes make a return on the soundtrack.


I haven't read your posts yet froggy, I want to sink my teeth into the game for a while before I do!!

@“connrrr”#p115584 DF shows “spoilers” that I haven't even seen 15 hours in!

@“treefroggy”#p115596 oh no I've already ruined the game for myself!!!

I‘ve been so busy and otherwise occupied recently. Also, I know I won’t have a lot of time to play for a few weeks. So I‘ve been pretty chill on the hype cycle for this one. But today, on the eve of release, I feel the wave of excitement. I’m not going to stay up till midnight tonight, but I will get up a few hours early to get a little taste.


If you're buying digital, I think the release is 9PM tonight, West Coast time!

@“BluntForceMama”#p115621 nice! Maybe I'll get a couple hours in tonight, too.

I've vicariously enjoyed my kid getting hyped up for the newest Pokemon game and hearing what she thinks about them after playing, but this is the first time a hugely anticipated game is coming out that we are both hyped for and expecting to play together. This is really fun.

But also dang it I am not going to be able to play other than weekends and I'm not going to stop her from playing during the week so I'm also going to miss some stuff.

Getting Wind Waker vibes from how much better each town is fleshed out with deep characters and more scenes with fixed camera angles, different music & whatnot.

The ways they telegraph a place you’re intended to Ascend is similar to ways they telegraphed in alttp that you’re meant to teleport between worlds.

I’m not progressing the main quest much so far, once Impa *imparted* the quest. (I just learned this week after wondering literally my entire life what her name was about)

No spoilers but there’s an armor set named after yours truly.


[“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (PRE-RELEASE)”,“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (MID-RELEASE)”]

I love that 2 minutes into a dungeon Zeldie is taking a selfie. She's so real for this.


Also *spoilers* >!Link looks cute in his skirt and knee high gladiator sandals in the area after Zelda dies!<

It’s insane that you actually can google stuff already. There’s already a save editor too.


@“thebryanjzx90”#p115628 I’ve vicariously enjoyed my kid getting hyped up for the newest Pokemon game and hearing what she thinks about them after playing, but this is the first time a hugely anticipated game is coming out that we are both hyped for and expecting to play together. This is really fun.

This is awesome. Good dad vibes.

Here are the release celebration wallpapers for Japan:

Won’t check this topic much coz’ I want to experience it blind from top to bottom and sky to grotto but it’s cool to have a big gaming event everybody is excited to dig in.

Lined up at midnight at the Gamesptotpotpt, but unfortunately, did not get the item I so greatly desired: a Stranger of Paradise trucker cap.

But I did get the _Zelder,_ so that my partner can play it while I'm at work tomorrow.

Lined up next to a _Breeth of the Weath_ thousand+ hour superfan who was into the 3DS modding scene, knew about the Videogame History Foundation, and had been playing _Tears_ pirated/overclocked for 2 weeks and already had 90 hours in it. I ``Starship Trooper voice:`` did my part! ``Gaagaagiins voice`` and told him to listen to the Insert Credit podcast. Also another guy who said he was still playing _Star Trek Online,_ which, holy shit. That dude was a videogame history foundation