Tears of Iwata’s Kingdom

Played for way too long tonight, sleep-wise. Not nearly long enough, game-wise.

It was pretty cool cranking this thing up as soon as the digital version unlocked & seeing all you Insert Credit people also peeking at it in the middle of the night

[“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom (MID-RELEASE)”,“Tears of Iwata\u2019s Kingdom”]

I am gonna slow down. For my own enjoyment. Switch says I’ve played over 20 hours. Just needed to get a solid foundation so that I’m not so easily spoiled online while everyone goes bonkers. That was a fun experience, getting my first few days in before the majority of people. I’ll look into emulating for better fidelity.

There are tears in my kingdom because the copy I ordered isn't scheduled to arrive until wednesday.

Finished the new Kirby just in time for TotK.

One of the first rooms has a large stone ring.

Immediate thought was to suck it up with my mouth.

But this game doesn‘t have Mouthful Mode!

Six years and you can’t even put in Mouthful Mode! Come on!

(Spoiler is after intro cutscene, 15 minutes in)


I couldn‘t figure out how to rotate objects (BotW was a while ago, it turns out), nor detach objects I had put together, so I ended up attaching the hooks, chains, and board all together on the wall in the first shrine and just looked at it like, am I the biggest idiot in the whole world?? Sat there for a while trying to sort it all out. Eventually had to look up the controls. As soon as I did, I was like, oh, that’s pretty intuitive, but I just never thought to do that specific motion.

@“wickedcestus”#p115744 it took me at least an hour to figure out how to rotate objects, I still don't know how to detach them.

@“connrrr”#p115746 You must be much more careful than I am if you managed to avoid sticking everything together in such a way as to completely bar your progress. For reference, (spoiler tagging in case people want to find this out themselves for some reason??) || wiggling the right stick back and forth will unstick an object from anything it's stuck to.||

To detatch things, just remember Lil Jon's advice. Lil Jon, he always tells the truth.

@“tomjonjon”#p115717 UPDATE - My wonderful girlfriend got me a copy today, and then I will just return the laggardly copy.

@“wickedcestus”#p115747 lmao I really feel like they could have found a diagetic way to convey that.

Look at the bridge I made and then had to live with. (It worked!)


@“connrrr”#p115751 I agree!! I ended up having to use three planks because my original two-plank monstrosity was really more like a sundial than a bridge.

Also, and I might be reading too much into this, but these colours remind me of a certain guy more than usual (Great Sky Island tutorial spoilers)


not spoilers:


Also also the opening hours to this game are a little *28 Days Later* but with one big zombie instead of a bunch of them.


Definitely not a coincidence. Good call

The theme that plays while you’re exploring the sky reminds me of the main melody of this song: THEEE BLUUUUUEEE LIIIIIIGGHT


@“connrrr”#p115751 looool I did this too. Seemed like a cool solution at the time. Having put a bit more time into the game, I now look back and cringe-laugh at myself.

All I have to say is, I came into this game so unfairly cynical but the way these new tools allow you to problem solve is so much fun. In this one, the railing was broken and there was just random stuff on the ground… it was a fun puzzle to figure out.

This game is great. It has melted my icy heart.

@“Tradegood”#p115789 cutting it close there.at the end with the scramble onto the ledge!

@“RubySunrise”#p115790 Lol yep! If I fell, it wouldn't be the first contraption I got stranded on the other side of the map, but I may have been legitimately stuck on that island.

Anyway most of my crafting seems to go like this: