Tears of Iwata’s Kingdom

@“RubySunrise”#p115790 I'll show you cutting it close

I for some reason didn't take a picture of the trash boat I tried to build without knowing how to rotate the two sails I glued to it but which wouldn't catch any wind.

@"Tradegood"#p115792 how do you post mp4 files without the imgur border?

I played for about 6 hours tonight and am having an absolute blast just making ridiculous contraptions, it‘s reminding me a lot of gmod lol. I’d been avoiding discussion/ coverage on the game until I got the chance to play for myself so I still have plenty to discover.

Something I've thought about a lot while trying to design puzzles for my own games is giving players the sense that they're getting away with something, or that they've not only solved a puzzle, but out-smarted it. This game is amazing at evoking these moments- most of the puzzles I've encountered so far have had clearly intended solutions, but once you get thinking, ideas just start rushing to you of all the different ways you could do something as simple as crossing over a pit.

Definitely gonna take my time with this one and savor the experience! I blasted through BotW all those years ago and still regret it.

Been playing for the last week thanks to press privileges and my general opinion is that, while it‘s a fun game that successfully builds on the foundation of Breath of the Wild, it’s also extremely disappointing. I find it the most conservative mainline Zelda in decades, in the sense that they basically tweaked their very groundbreaking and forward-thinking game and shipped it again with new abilities and slightly different content.

I was shocked the most by the fact that even the music, sound cues and interface are the same as in Breath of the Wild. I wouldn't mind if the game played differently, but that's not the case. The general game-loop of finding high ground and chasing shrines, then doing a portal test-chamber style puzzle remains completely unchanged. Combat is the same, traversal (running, climbing, using the paraglider, riding horses) also is a 1:1 carbon copy. Even the narrative is delivered via the same method of finding the X spot on the map and receiving a flashback as a reward.

From TotK I was expecting something more along the lines of what Majora's delivered coming from Ocarina. Similar control scheme and visuals to build a completely different experience both tonally and structurally. Tears of the Kingdom really is just more of Breath of Wild, a time extension on the same amusement park ride.

Even the mechanics I was expecting to have the most warping effect in terms of changing the dynamics of the former game end up not being so. Vehicles are most of the time a mere option, and spending 5 minutes building a boat, riding it for exactly 30 seconds before discarding it forever is always worse and more time consuming than the most direct approach of just swimming or climbing something and using the glider.

The silver lining is that since the experience is so similar, if you are looking for exactly "more breath of the wild", the game certainly delivers. I'm having fun, and I intend to finish it, but yeah, I was expecting a lot more from this game.

I‘ve experienced a sense of exhilaration with TotK so far that I didn’t experience with BotW until >!the corrupted dragon on Laynayru Mountain.!< The game loop did get stale for me after awhile and I rushed to the end. Sometimes I think this means I didn't like the game, but I did play it for ~60 hours which is a long time.

I'm curious to see if TotK plays out in a similar way for me. Right now the new abilities and story hook has got me intrigued. I feel more motivated by these new abilities to experiment and play around compared to the original abilities. The QoL refinements in menuing are wholeheartedly welcome to me.

However, >!the intro does scream "hey get ready for more BotW", as opposed to MM which said "get ready for something different."!< I am ok with this so far at least.

You know, I wonder if even the small changes will have a cumulative effect of making the game feel pretty different, but the same. Like BotW is the new template for Zelder games and we'll get iterations of these with different art styles and tweaked mechanics for the next couple decades. Idk. We'll see!

Oh yeah, you can change the VO language in this one but keep the English subtitles. That's a big upgrade.

My first impressions: Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Garry's Mod

I have become quite sick. I thought about better places to put this, but I can bring it back around to Zelda so I’m putting it here.

It feels like I swallowed an Evil Stone. It feels like I have influenza that only intensifies while I’m laying down, and then my body freaks out and starts signaling with nausea, headaches, etc. so I sleep sitting up now.

The day I got Zelda: A Link to the Past & Four Swords for GBA at the Daytona Mall Electronics Boutique, I also had a flu. I tried to play the game while feeling utterly gross in the food court. I had to wait what felt like hours to go home. It utterly ruined A Link to the Past for me until I played it again on an emulator with a SNES pad in high school.

So this time, I’m just going to mostly stop playing Zelda so I don’t ruin the experience.

But I do also agree, similarly to the hype surrounding elden ring, I’m more interested in how we feel and discuss this game a year or two down the line. I feel the game does have a unique tone, but that overall this gameplay loop can take a lot out of ya twice in a row.

I love seeing you all post your videos. for some reason I'm having trouble accessing mine, but I have some good glitchy ones to share.

I played for a bit in handheld mode just to spam hacked amiibos, and realized that yeah, every time you whip out ultrahand in handheld mode it makes the game slow down. That is totally not the case docked with maxed clockspeeds.

One thing I really appreciate about Nintendo's cling to 2015 hardware is just how efficiently you can make use of dated hardware to make new software that is still a great and beautiful AAA experience.

This guy are sick. I hope you get well soon!


@“treefroggy”#p115815 I feel the game does have a unique tone, but that overall this gameplay loop can take a lot out of ya twice in a row.

I think Nintendo could pokemon-ize Zelda and it would still be talked about very favorably years later. While it still feel like this game is 80% copy of the same Zelda as last time, it is different enough and the new things are nice enough that they could just copy this formula again and again with a new overworld and new "mons" and I think most players would just be happy for another new adventure.

However, I do really hope they have another team working on a slick 15 hour top-down zelda with lock-and-key dungeons in between these behemoths.


@“connrrr”#p115797 Tradegood how do you post mp4 files without the imgur border?

Delete Link's "i." and it will get rid of the imgur border.

folks just popping in to say that if you fuse a fire fruit to a white stick it becomes a huge joint

@“Tradegood”#p115818 this guy are sick thread is a favorite and still only has six posts haha.

I‘m feeling just OK today, steeling my nerves to take a cold shower in the sunshine. As long as I’m better by tuesday/wednesday/thursday and don‘t have to go to the tokimeki memorial hospital to have an emergency colonoscopy to have an evil stone removed, it’s all good. Though this morning before I realized laying down is what was killing me, I was in such a state I had to sing I Will Survive by Aretha Franklin in my head to maintain a controlled mental state, lol.

Looking at this game, it is crazy to think how far they went *for Iwata* in revolutionizing the Zelda formula, that had become so nasty and stale. I thought about posting[ this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1tuGbuj18w) in the zelda thread, but the author is like a somehow *more bro-y Nakie Jakie* and makes some unfunny bits that could be very offensive to some people. But I watched the whole thing because I agree with his take on *Twilight Princess* and always found it to be weird how beloved that game was. I also learned a couple things, like that Zelda was on the same sales trajectory as Metroid at the time. With Miyamoto's inflated ego, Nintendo has really disrespected fans of their series over the past 18 or so years, and it's interested to see them actually do some course correction to "save" the zelda series.

Get well soon, @“treefroggy”#449!!!

@"connrrr"#p115797 you can all faintly make out my trash boat in the video I posted


Spoilers for a well under >!Deya Village!<. I'm still early in the game, and watch how this >!Stone Talus!< just won't let me escape after a fresh game over—this happened to me three times in a row.

Also forgive me if I post a lot of pics or videos as it wasn't possible to do that on the Wii U.

I'm actually floored at the triumphant return of caves and wells to the series. Tears of the Kingdom? More like Groundward Sword. ~~Firing~~ letting loose brightbloom seeds into the dark is also very satisfying. Let's hear it for caves!!!!!!!!!





PSA: Gamestop has a trade in deal where you can get Zelda for $20 if you trade in two eligible games. Here‘s the list. For the most part it’s all stuff that would go for more than $50 combined if you go through ebay, but if like me you hate dealing with ebay and just want to play that Zelda and find the $70 price point to be a personal affront.

I am, admittedly, having a good time with this game. It's a good game. But I'm so, so ready for the Switch to be done though. It's barely holding it together with this game. Maybe it's just because I'm playing in handheld mode (and on a Lite, for that matter) but I regular get drops well below 30 FPS. I have probably a half dozen other devices in my house that would be able to run this game locked at 60 and 1080p without breaking a sweat, but we're still using the Switch, for some reason. I'm sick to death of this thing. Get it outta here!

The game though. So far I'm putting a lot of time into it without really trying. It iterates over BOTW in some ways I really appreciate. The fusion mechanic is cool, particularly with weapons/shields. I'm not so sure about vehicles and stuff. Feels a bit gimmicky. There are some clever and interesting vehicle puzzles and some "build a raft, again" ones. The ones where you glue a korok to a contraption and hope it doesn't kill it are really funny.

It's not _quite_ different enough from BOTW that it never feels like I'm doing the same stuff from the first game again, but Hyrule feels more lively this time around. More enemy variety. More random stuff to do. There's way more everything, really. It's a big game.

So far my impression overall is that it's good, but it's definitely not as much of a leap forward as BOTW was. Not really a bad thing, but it really is a fairly iterative sequel and not a whole new thing. If I had played BOTW a year ago and not at release I don't think I'd be as happy with this.



Also forgive me if I post a lot of pics or videos as it wasn’t possible to do that on the Wii U.

no way, this is *the designated place* for posting silly videos! I'll add the high data use tag :o)
Not really spoilers:



@“donrumata”#p115847 lmao what a jerk!

Anybody found hestu yet? I have dang old 50 korok seeds and still minimum equip slots.

Really good intro!!! Love the spelunking vibes, also weirdly similar to the game Kowloon High School Chronicle which I have been playing lately. Underground exploration owns.

Immediately changed the language to Spanish(Latin America) too which is really good

Also yellow is my favorite color and this opening island is making my eyes pop out of my skull!!

@“treefroggy”#p115857 well, I missed him because I went completely the wrong way after first arriving back in Hyrule. >!I didn’t go to Lookout Landing and follow the story. I seem to remember running across him near one of the towers. I might be wrong though!<