The language learning thread

This was the thing that gave me a ton of trouble. Maybe tsutomu nihei was a bit too heady for a first try. Iā€™m gonna load up some pokemans and maybe some dragon ball or something and give it a shot.

I would recommend the later Pokemon games that have Kanji/Furigana. I tried playing the GB(A) titles and the Kana only was suuper hard for me parse

I think the best early reading practice comes from sending messages with people on the internet, since they will subconsciously use simpler language for you. Though maybe that can be too stressful, since this requires you to send your own messages, which at such an early level will by necessity be quite silly and embarrassing ā€“ and of course you have to manage to find a person willing to message with you in Japanese.

When I started learning Chinese I messaged a lot with a guy in his 50s from some small town for whom reading a single sentence of English a day was enough to make him feel accomplished. I think this is probably the ideal sort of language partner for just starting out.