The Nintendo Switch IC Friend Codes thread

Over the last while, people have been sharing Switch friend codes all over the place and it is hard to keep track of and find them!

So, I would like to suggest we use this thread to post them in, for anyone that would like to share. I don’t really play anything on my switch that is actually online/multiplayer (other than MH:Rise) — and I’m also on the other side of the planet from most of you so multiplayer wouldn’t work anyway — but having a bunch of IC people in my list would be nice anyway.

To start, my code is SW-0000-8532-5063

Mine is SW-5205-7627-6505!


Mine is 3430-2856-8122

i like to play a bunch of stuff: Mario Kart, Streets of Rage 4, Shredder’s Revenge, Smash Bros, Dragonball FighterZ, other stuff too. i’m not particularly competitive, it’s just fun pallin’ around.

My Switch handle is the same as my forum handle.


I only ever really play Mario Kart online these days, and I'll likely be playing Splatoon 3 when that launches but what the heck. You will almost definitely see me playing Slay the Spire at some point.

Handle is Mumbofish

### SW-4306-9060-1538

Good call, good call

My Switch name is Deevee, and my code is:


Added all o yas, but for anyone who comes after, I’m 6099-9756-4586

I’m Jam, and I Kart, I Smash, and above all I’d love to turtle. All at the level of abject casual.


[size=0] :)

You know, for a forum full of people who play videogames and who have a relatively high degree of social compatibility, it seems like we don't play videogames together nearly as often as we should. I wonder why that is?

Anyway if you read this post and I haven't edited in my Switch friend code, "Like" this post to remind--wait, never mind, I just realized the Switch is right here.

# SW-0163-4270-9638

My handle is TheNewJay and I'm not really on my Switch a lot but if I end up getting _Monster Hunter Rise_ on Switch that could change soon.

I think last I checked my switch handle was ‘jc’. The username I‘ve got here is too long for the Switch, so had to go with my initials. Most of what I’ve got for multiplayer is a bunch of beat em ups, Mario Kart, Killer Queen Black, and a handful of other things. Definitely let me know if you'd like to play anything!

### SW-3019-0451-5820

We should have a Switch lobby for Sunbreak.

### SW-4328-1645-6405

I just got my switch so I don't know what I'm going to be playing on it yet. I very much want to check out Splat 3 when it comes out.


I play Smash, Monster Hunter, Splatoon 2, Crystal Chronicles remake, Mario Kart. I'll show you around my deserted Animal Crossing island. My switch account name is “RubySun”

Feels like there's a good number of us in here who play Smash... Let's organize a time to get an Arena open and all play together!

I rarely touch my switch nowadays but here's mine.


My current username is { *. *} because I have some nephews and little cousins that I'm still not out to on my friend list lol

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I lolled 😆

sw 3658 5985 1385

my username is either root/RFO/billy depending on who i'm playing with and how i feel!

@“kory”#p74852 damnit I gotta change my back now (just made it a botw goblin)

SW 6657-3648-3486

Also just realized that I will probably remember this code for years now since it's so repetitive. I play mostly indie games, but I have smash and am one (1) inconvenience of turning on my WiiU away from getting the switch Mario Kart. (My switch library is slightly staggering, but very little with online multiplayer is coming to mind right now)

@“kory”#p74852 this feels entirely right and correct to me. Excellent taste @connrrr