There are too many videogames. A thread of polls for the indecisive.

This is the thread for when you have certain games in mind but can't decide which one to start. Just make polls and let people decide for you, (we just got a feature to do that!) I imagine this as a multiple possible games to play poll situation, but do whatever you want.

Right now I want to start a jrpg cause my Platonic ideal season to play jrpgs is winter and I'm starting earlier to see if I can finish a couple of them.

[“There are too many videogames and deciding is hard”,“There are too many videogames. A thread of polls for the indecisive.”]

How convenient! I've also been struggling on which long-form game to dedicate time to

Chose Suikoden for ana because it's short, Ys III for Funbil because it rules and has great music (and is also pretty short)

Just what I need! I've been very indecisive and I keep buying games. Decide my fate:


pls post in the Suikoden thread if you play it, it’s been silent for a long time and I have resorted to posting about stuff I don’t know anything about like art and Nintendo it’s brutal/embarrassing

@“Mnemogenic”#p140703 voted house because I need someone else to convince me to play it

Also love this thread idea

@“Mnemogenic”#p140703 citizen sleeper if you like scifi. it‘s got a world that feels familiar without being particularly derivative, the core mechanic is cool, the art is nice, not super long, and it’s just a chill time. I played through the whole thing and all DLC.

Ok I have four partially finished games that I stalled out on at one point or another but want to go back to eventually.

@“mindleftbody”#p140775 you're going back to the past from the present so you should start with the most recent game first obviously!


Woah weird there’s a future/past sci fi element with at least 3 of these games huh, didn’t notice that. Maybe all of them, I haven’t gotten far enough in final fantasy to know yet.

whoa cool. i just dumped a BUNCH of stuff on a ps2hd. gave myself “too many guys going thru the same door at once”-itis

anyway i'm messing with *tear ring saga - berwick saga - lazberia chronicles chapter 174* rn so it'll be a bit before i move onto another rpg-adjacent, but why don't i poll which one i rock with next. here are some of the ones i am most curious/least knowledgeable about

@“brillpickle”#p140786 I voted Shadow Hearts but I think you should go right to From the New World

I already have a generally good idea of what RPGs I want to play next, but not when it comes to the Tales of series. I‘ve never finished a Tales game. I’ve only played a little of Abyss and used to watch my brother play Eternia aka Destiny II. I‘m most interested in Abyss, don’t ask me why. I think I just like the character designs a lot.

@“connrrr”#p140797 I have not finished a single Tales game BUT… a week or two ago I had somebody over who saw I had @ana‘s copy of Tales of Symphonia on my shelf, and immediately said “you need to play Tales of Bersaria dude.” I didn’t even know she liked video games, let alone a series like Tales. Nobody else in my entire life has ever recommended a Tales game to me. I took this as a divine sign that Tales of Bersaria is the correct one to play in all circumstances, now also including yours

@“Mnemogenic”#p140794 oh geez i don't think i even noticed there was a third one! guess i gotta unplug the dang hd one more time…

@“Funbil”#p140798 I like this answer a lot but am still open for input. This series has intrigued me for a long time and I‘ve just never found a moment to commit to any of them. I’m eager for more tales of Tales of!!

@“connrrr”#p140797 Why not Symphonia? Too common an answer?

That's the one I'd go with just because it's on the GameCube (and I listened to some song from the... OVA series...? a lot when I was 13). I have also never finished (nor started) a _Tales_ game.

Everyone seemed to really like Arise, and it looks real nice, and I own it, but I have not touched the thing.

ok these are my options