There are too many videogames. A thread of polls for the indecisive.

@“connrrr”#p140797 I think Abyss is a perfect starter Tales game!! I think it gives you a real taste of the series highs and lows, and goes to some interesting places. If you want to try the 3DS version you can borrow mine lol.

As for Berseria, idk if you should play Zestiria first. I got like 6 hours into Zestiria and stopped but I remember nothing about it. Which is also how I feel about Graces _f_. Arise is also just a great game period, though not as sloppy as Tales usually is.

I haven't played my playstation in ages, and I kind of want to play an expensive looking cinematic open world action-adventure game next.


@“Tradegood”#p140822 As for Berseria, idk if you should play Zestiria first. I got like 6 hours into Zestiria and stopped but I remember nothing about it.

zestiria is the only tales game i've played (also did not finish it) and it's bland to the point of being actively bad -- skip it for real

having fun predicting & picking the one that will get the least votes every time (and it's usually the one I would recommend anyway)

i.e. etrian odyssey, lufia

@"connrrr"#p140797 Phantasia or Symphonia. s'what I'd do. but if I had to pick one of the ones you posted... Vesperia.
only because that's the only one I'm familiar with at all (rented it on 360 one weekend and tried to co-op with a buddy in 2007 or whatever.)

@"brillpickle"#p140786 your post made me realize I can vote for more than one.... going with dark cloud 2 because it has the least votes so far and is as sick as the rest of those... all good picks....

@“captain”#p140812 I know Symphonia is beloved! I figure if it comes up as much as its PS2 counterpart there must be something to that. Those were just the three that intrigued me the most at the time.

@"Tradegood"#p140822 I totally missed that Abyss had come out on 3DS! Is it a good port??


@“connrrr”#p140841 Tradegood I totally missed that Abyss had come out on 3DS! Is it a good port??

Yeah! The only difference is the spaghetti button is mapped to the touchscreen instead of the R stick.


@“connrrr”#p140841 Abyss 3DS has 30fps battles vs PS2's 60fps (looks better overall), but PS2 has long loads (fixable with an HDD though, or emu I assume) and a wonky world map. (Abyss is a bit bloated tho).


If one must chose a Single Tales Game here are the flavors (roughly):

  • - Team A: Destiny 2, Rebirth, Destiny R, Graces* (more gameplay/battle system focused)
  • - Team B: Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia (more story/world building focused)
  • - Team C: Graces*, Xillia 1/2, Zestiria, Berseria, Arise (mix of the above, more "modern" with interconnected fields rather than world map/dungeons)
  • - spinoffs/old/etc: various teams with varying success
  • Later games of each team are better realized but all have their own neat quirks and are nice 'junk food' videogames (I've played almost all of them because I like dumb low budget rpgs with fun systems and tropey-but-usually-likeable anime characters).

    maybe I can stream a Full Realism attempt to circumnavigate the globe in flight simulator. If I crash then that’s it, permadeath style

    @“bnn”#p140919 this is a useful breakdown, thank you! I do want to play one of the older sprite-based games in the series sometime as well.

    @“Tradegood”#p140823 Looks like we have a winner. This is me now:

    I laughed real hard the first time I saw the reveal at the end of this ad, but we'll see who gets the last laugh.

    Finished Citizen Sleeper today. Good choice, everybody!

    Hey, this looks like fun!

    @“kyleprocrastinations”#p141256 I‘m gonna go to bat for Chain of Memories here. It’s a strange take on a card game; there's kinda nothing like it.

    Feesov it is then! I toyed with the idea of playing the game with the least votes so I can save the perceived better choice for later, but I‘m trying to stop postponing my joy. I played a little shad val tonight and it’s pretty chill so far. The character portraits are beautiful and this looks like a good group of guys and gals.

    [size=1] I‘ll start with suikoden once I’m done with all this semester's uni stuff

    it won‘t let me build a poll :frowning: now i’ll never know if i should play ys origin, dragon quest xi s, yakuza 5, dragons dogma, or tactics ogre……

    @“MoH”#p141823 try adding the poll after you made the post. the feature shows right above the edit button

    thats a tough one bc you should play them all, but my suggested priority from high to low

    _Tactics Ogre_
    The Haruka chapter of _Yakuza 5_, then if you still want to play video games after that,
    _Ys Origin_
    _Dragon's Dogma_
    _Dragon Quest XI_
    The rest of _Yakuza 5_

    @“穴”#p141824 it worked! thank you :slight_smile:

    @yeso ogre it is

    Ok here’s some switch games I haven’t touched or booted even once.

    Also 10 is max. Another one that you can say in a reply I guess is Lofi Ping Ping