There are too many videogames. A thread of polls for the indecisive.

@“Funbil”#p150707 for the thousandth time, maple story

Crush the Earth World, Create a New Society

@“treefroggy”#p150776 Now there's an idea……

@“treefroggy”#p150763 I voted for RDR II, not because it's my favourite game on your list (far from it), but because I loved your reasoning.

In fact I love the reasons you gave for each of these games. Too often, we talk about games in concrete terms, like they're fixed objects. But the reasons for playing a game in any given moment are what make the experience what it is.

I was planning to write about this elsewhere as it applies to reading fiction, but you just reminded me that it applies to games just as strongly. Love it.

@“whatsarobot”#p150785 thank you. I spent all evening playing RDRII, started right after the poll posted. That’s why I included my own vote for RDRII. The reason is I just want to relax and kinda turn my brain off, and I’m in the flow of RDRII after struggling at the beginning. I’m in chapter 3 now.

Everyone else’s votes were for my pain. Especially mega man legends ii. I have to do that in the morning and have a lot of coffee. But the votes did motivate me to consider wrapping it up asap.

Thanks everyone for voting, was the poll with the most interesting results so far :o)

About to take a cross country flight for a long weekend vacation. I like to finish games before starting new ones but have broken that guiding principle with putting Dark Souls Remastered aside for the time being. I will be airborne and have relied on a guide while playing but have downloaded a GameFAQs guide to my phone just in case. Leaning toward something short +DS. Without further ado:

@“FaulteredBeast”#p156517 Are we talking 1993 DOOM or 2016 DOOM?

@“Mnemogenic”#p156518 1993 original recipe DOOM

@“FaulteredBeast”#p156522 I voted for DOOM before I knew which version, but the OG comes highly recommended. Make sure to download some of the add-on levels before your flight. Sigil and Sigil II at least.

@“tomjonjon”#p156550 should clarify it’s not OG OG its Coke 0 Switch version

@“FaulteredBeast”#p156571 that is also what I’m talking about. You can download add-ons through the game. It’s pretty cool. Although you do need to set up a Bethesda account.

@“tomjonjon”#p156573 wooooooooow that’s cool. I’ll load up for the return flight

just gonna note Doom (2016) is also very good. Played on the switch and enjoyed it a bit more that Doom Eternal raytracing all over my xbox

I voted for yoku‘s island express because it feels like a travel game. very chill, can absorb your full attention but doesn’t have to.

@“[unknown]”#p156517 played a bunch of Doom, a bit of Yoku, a taste of Dark Souls to get the itch back. Excellent airplane mix to complement 1Q84.



btw I already was expecting DQV as the result, why wouldn't I

but interesting addition is that I did this post on instagram and so far have 3 votes for DQVII and nothing else.

BTW I also need to finish the postgame content of DQVIII and I feel like that is comming somewhere down the line.

I am probably gonna play DQV but I gotta solder it lol.

@sabertoothalex go go ackman

I‘ve been making my way through Metroid Prime Remastered. It’s beautiful but I might be at the point where I “get” it and can move on. I‘m in the Phazon Mines. Made it to the second save point after multiple frustrating losses of progress. It’s a little frustrating to spend my brief morning play sesh backtracking. I don‘t know if I’ll get a lot of juice out of finishing the game. On the other hand, I'll feel like a fool if I never get to use the grappling hook, which has been teasing me in every level since the first.

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