Thread to show off your threads (Fashion Channel)


I've got a text tattoo that I got 15 or so years ago and it's bold, and nowadays it's a little blown out in a way that the fine-lined filigree around it isn't, so I totally agree with @MoH on that one!

Still a little banged up so I chopped my head off - loved my fit today tho. Love this time of year when I can still layer.

I lucked out and a friend was getting rid of a bunch of stuff and let me raid before they donated, so I snagged this jacket and some other goodies.

Recently unburied this shirt from my dresser too, hadn’t worn in awhile. Love the print on the front - art cred Anna Degnbol

I struggle sometimes to find girl pants that aren’t too short. These are too short. They work with the boots tho, I think.




@“safety_lite”#p159138 "#p159138 They work with the boots tho, I think.

This is the reason I almost exclusively wear boots.

I love the color of that jacket btw!!


amazing shirt AMAZING

@“safety_lite”#p159138 absolutely fire fit—those pants work PERFECTLY with the boots!!


@“safety_lite”#p159138 Still a little banged up so I chopped my head off

seems a little harsh, in my opinion

an ootd on this fine saturday



went to the club to see Laurel Halo DJ last weekend!!



Seems all the mid-budget US clothing stores have stopped producing burgundy trousers. You filter by color and it shows black, navy, green, brown, gray, and miscellaneous, the last of which never includes any shade of red. Why? Did wine-colored and maroon pants become unfashionable when I wasn’t looking?


yes, in 2012


don’t they understand I’m out here leading a fashion revolution??

for people hoping to experience the solar eclipse in a few days, take note that you have witnessed something much more rare and special. I burned someone about fashion