Thread where you just post yr all-time favorite shit

This is a thread where we post our all time favs. Any era. Any genre. Well known. Obscure. Whatever. It's just gotta be your favs.

I'll start:

This sleepy electronic album by a guy called siktransit was a companion of mine on fruitless college all-nighters:


I've listened to the first couple of songs and I really like it. Is there anywhere I can buy/download this? I want to get this on my phone so I can listen at work. I found a bandcamp but doesn't look like they have this album on there. Also, this sort of reminds me of a [song by a guy ]( a message board I used to post on like 10 years ago. Thanks for making it re-enter my brain.

edit: nevermind I'm dumb. I downloaded it

Let's do it~~


Haha, this is hard! I‘m just gonna put five songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately (in some cases, “a lot” means multiple times a day and “lately” means for the past year)

The Wire

Fatty Tuna Sashimi (an extra special treat)

Philp K. Dick 🐐

Game Informer Magazine

Joanna Newsom, Milk Eyed Mender

Monster Rancher 2

@treefroggy#15954 Tokimeki Memorial Hospital

Has anyone else here followed (or been involved in) the demo scene?

Two of my all-time favourite demos are from the same group, Future Crew. As I understand it, some of the members of FC went on to found (?) or work at (?) Remedy.


Second Reality:

In '92 and '93, seeing these run in real time on a PC (many years before there was any form of hardware graphics acceleration) was genuinely staggering.

I still love watching (and listening to!) these.

Favourite band: POLYSICS

I just love 'em. They're also the best live show I've ever been to - they played in a tiny club in London in 2013 at the end of a short european tour, and were visibly taken aback and genuinely thankful when they discovered that the venue was filled with a small but dedicated audience who actually knew their music.


Favourite album: **CLOUDS TASTE METALLIC (The Flaming Lips)**

Best lineup, best songs and comes right at the end of the band's 'first era', right before the point they disappeared up their own asses (for the first time). They're not my favourite band overall (they're maybe number 2-3), but this album is for me the finest hour of music produced by one band.


Favourite Bowie: **90s BOWIE**

Bowie was at his best when he was just doing whatever the fuck he wanted, which is exactly what he did for most of the 90s. _Outside_ and _Heathen_ are my two favourite Bowie albums, and his band around that time (Gabrels, Dorsey, Alford, Garson, sometimes Alomar) was the best one he ever had.

The 1996 festival set above is absolutely fantastic. Please watch the whole thing if you can. Modern (for its time, still partly so), loud and fun, with emphasis on recent material and his actual favourite songs. When he did 'play the hits', he played them with no reverence for the original versions and let his band interpret them as if they were new songs.

Also glam rock is for sex offenders.

@billy#15989 Polysics rule

i was going to post some other stuff on here, but now i just want to think about the various shades of japanese synth rock (which I suppose is my favorite "genre" of all time, even if i haven't yet scratched the surface of all there is to it (billy and others, if you have any recommendations (especially for post 2000s bands (my knowledge is mostly confined to the 80s and 90s)), i'd love to hear them~~~)):
(i am a massive fan of any and all rock bands that don't have guitarists)
(i've posted about this band on this forum before, but they absolutely rule, so gotta keep posting)

the way he gets into it hot damn!

@GigaSlime#15960 I'm a big fan of Ted Leo. Cool to see The Both mentioned.

@rejj#15986 I remember learning about demoscene around the time Metroid Prime 2 came out. I've always been interested to learn more but I never could really find where the center of the community is if that makes sense.

@billy#15989 Ah but let's not forget Bowie's greatest achievement of the 90s. Of course I'm speaking of genius David Cage's Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

@seasons#16008 This song is def gonna be played in a lot of future coming-of-age movies about the 2010s.

@well-adjusted-guy#16066 Back in the 90‘s it was all BBS’s and then some IRC. The scene was always largely Euro-centric, but there were still notable groups and populated communities around the world. Here in Australia there was a tiny but cool scene I discovered through friends at school and some BBS dialling.

I briefly flirted with joining a democrew, we made some cool effects and had some extremely talented musicians - but never got around to releasing a prod.

These days, a good place to start is over at

@rejj#16072 Thanks for the link. There's a lot going on on that home page. Definitely gonna pore over that later tonight.

@rejj#15986 I wasn't in the scene but I ran a BBS in the early 90s in Seattle and made tracker music. I still have hundreds of .MODs that I need to turn into digital audio files some day. I remember staying up late one night while someone slowly uploaded Second Reality to my BBS. Those demos were unbelievable back then, far ahead of any games at the time. Some of the effects are still impressive to my eyes. Good shit.


@billy#15989 oh man, between POLYSICS and my all time favorite, The Flaming Lips, you have great taste my dude.