Touchy Game Art

A few years ago, artist, animator, game developer Kinuko started a Tumblr collection of physical models used in video games called Touchy Game Art.

A thread here on [Wachenröder]( reminded me of it.

Post some of your favourite touchy game art here! It can be from covers, manuals, in game, magazines, print ads or even commercials! Here's a couple to start:

Mother 2 (Earthbound)


Derby Stallion

Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book

Bubble Bobble

This powerfully reminded me of the Exile: Wicked Phenomenon game cover, which was a photo of an actual diorama.


Really interesting story behind that game, and the whole franchise in general (it was the third installment on the Exile, or XZR saga). And probably the worst and most invasive and disrespectful of the Working Designs localizations, which included fart and burp jokes in a game that originally intended to question morality and religion as its main themes.

Hate those Clispins though!!!

Haha, the weird ass names they used to hide the different cultures involved was the fun part of the localization. Although peyote and cocaine as healing items on the original is hilarious too.

Just in case someone is interested about the story behind this game, this stream from retro extraordinaire macaw45 covers the whole deal with playthroughs of both the american and japanese release, and also goes into some of the stuff Working Designs pulled off their asses with this game and some of the others they localized.

[Old school link to the VOD because the Twitch plugin apparently eats the video!](

EDIT: ok it's fixed now!

Here‘s some good Touchy Game Art tweets I’ve saved.

Some touchy commercials from the excellent 83Chrisaaron YouTube channel. He posts lots of Japanese commercials with English subtitles. Japan has always been big on the Clay-Animation (Claynime)

Claynime ;_;

@exodus#8806 Japanaclaynime

I'm so sorry

@Moon#9003 yikes. I remember that whole deal.

right there among the lowest points in the ignominious history of the “gamer”

thank god those DDs remained unharmed

cleansing the thread with some touchy Famitsu cover art from Susumu Matsushita. For more, check out my Tumblr:

Heck Yeah Susumu Matsushita


MSX Fan magazine had some good touchy covers.

Some excellent original touchy art on this account

gotta give it up for GOBLET GROTTO

Monster World II

Monster World IV

The model for these are (were?) still at [Westone's office in 2013. ](