Travel thread

I'm going to Japan in April, but went last year so I am an expert on the subject of the country.

I know everything there is to know, therefore I need zero suggestions for it.

HOWEVER, I am leaving behind my friends I'm going to Japan with and spending a few days in Seoul, South Korea.
Any suggestions for there?
I will have a friend showing me around for at least a day, but I'm welcome to other suggestions for sure.
I'm staying in Itaewon if that means anything to anyone.

My partner and I are driving up to San Francisco on Friday. She’s tabling at Renegade Craft Fair all weekend and I don’t know anyone up there, so I’m bringing my bike and looking forward to exploring a bit on my own.

We’re staying way up North in Russian Hill — Any recs on spots I should check out?

I mostly enjoy cheap eats (relative, I know), art, bookstores, museums and nice spots to read — Since our last trip I learned about The Wave Organ, so I really want to spend some time there and check out the McElroy Octagon House.

Despite visiting multiple times, I’ve always just kind of walked along the north harbor with my dog, Ruby, so I really haven’t seen much. I’m in decent shape and don’t mind riding/walking up hills, either.


I’m hopping on Amtrak today! Tomorrow night I’ll arrive in Tacoma and immediately drive to snoqualmie :o)


North Beach and Chinatown are close to there, would suggest checking out both of you can make it! Grab a slice at Golden Boy, visit City Lights book store, get a pastry from Grand Opening in Chinatown.


have the engineer honk the horn through Portland. we’ll wave.

going back to the San Juans at the end of the month. i still have some Tri-X that i haven’t developed since the last time we were there in 2018 lol. the goal is to eventually find work and live there (or Anacortes) for a few years before i gotta move to Rochester, if i even do that.

anyway. love bein’ on boats. love being on islands. i should get some more Tri-X lol

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Agreed with Alex on all points and just want to add you should take your dog to Golden Gate Park! I especially like the botanic gardens there. It’s full of little Easter eggs and hidden stuff around the park like the Hippie Hill and the Fairy Door. Haight and the Castro are some cute neighborhoods with thrift shops and record stores and bookstores. Castro Theater sometimes shows arthouse movies and Hot Cookie next door is yummy. There’s a lot of Victorian architecture around Alamo Square, not a bad area to walk around and explore!

How long are you going to be in SF?


@Tradegood Thank you! I’m going to sit down and compile a little list with routes for all of these.

I’ll be getting in Friday and heading out early Monday morning.

@Tradegood @sabertoothalex Have you been to Musee Mecanique?

It looks kind of cool and like they might have some pinball machines. Or, should Fisherman’s Wharf just be avoided completely?


Fisherman’s Wharf is pretty wack, I would definitely recommend trying other places instead!

If you can venture out a bit more on MUNI/buses would definitely recommend exploring a bit more! I would recommend Japantown, Fillmore, Inner Sunset, Mission District.


Yeah, Fisherman’s Wharf is a tourist trap. It’s like going to Applebees but the wait staff are sea lions.

Also one thing SF has that other US cities don’t is good Burmese food. It’s kinda like a cross between thai and indian. Tea leaf salad is legit. Check out Burma Love or Burma Superstar.


prozd is here on the same train as me for 35 hours and it’s making me uncomfortable.
about to pass through the SF bay.


:wave: :wave: :wave: (Assuming your train came through the Jack London Square station in Oakland lol)

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The area closest to Russian Hill is… interesting. I had a lot of friends who lived in the surrounding area like the Marina, Cow Hollow, Pac Heights, [Slob on the] Nob Hill… The bars are filled with beautiful NPCs who probably played water polo or lacrosse in college. It’s a great place if you’re 22 and you want to have a fifth year of college (me at that point in life). It’s not so great if you’re literally anyone else on earth

In lieu of Fisherman’s Wharf, if you’re interested in a good dog walk, and want to be by the water then you could do the rest of the Embarcadero and go to the Ferry Building

The Presidio can be a fun outdoor space - I’ve been there on the weekends when they have food trucks and deceptively strong drinks

When I lived in SF I got dinner in Hayes Valley a lot - I really liked a lot of the casual restaurants there

Other outdoor spaces you might consider would be Sutro Baths/Land’s End. I’m also pretty partial to the Legion of Honor museum that’s nearby.

Also as a Bay Area native I’ll second the Burmese food rec!

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Welcome to Tacoma (when you get here)!
When I tried to take Amtrak from Tacoma for the first time (before I lived in the city)
I had my sister drop me off at the Union Station building that obviously looks like a train station.
But it’s a courthouse now… security was very upset when I walked in with a duffel bag.

“What is your business here?!”

(Me, knowing at this point I messed up): “Catching a train…”

My first clue should have been that there are no train tracks next to that building.




Had the pleasure of getting a Golden Boy Pizza slice with @safety_lite while she was in town (great recommendation @sabertoothalex!). Turns out… she’s even cooler in person! Hope you have a great rest of the trip and save travels!

content warning: cheese


I had a great time… and it makes me think us forum californians should plan a #RegionalMeetup in the future.


I, too, am having a grand old time, living the dream, so maybe the greatest moments of my entire life are happening now.

perhaps even a bit overstimulating at times.


I am going to Nashville to visit family. If you never hear from me again I guess something bad happened. But we are gonna check out Hatch Show Print which looks pretty cool!

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I am back! I saw sonic the hedgehog multiple times, including on the bass player’s shirt at the Johnny Cash bar.