I‘ve messed and experimented a lot with making vegan cheeses in the past and finally I’ve arrived at a vegan pizza I am satisfied by. Also made the pepperoni myself!

(this one kinda came broken)

Once I have my cheese down more exactly I'll share it in the recipes thread

vegan pizzer!

@“穴”#p144660 this looks fantastic! I’m really curious to know how you’re putting your cheese together!

Also would love to have serious vegan pepperoni talk!

@“穴”#p144660 that‘s a hot looking pizzer and also I’m glad the disease of saying pizzer in isolation is spreading

@“Karasu”#p144672 the cheese is a mixture of various recipes. the base is out of cashews. The most unusual thing I added was psyllium husk (the idea came from chef TJ on youtube). I've found most recipes tend to add too little of the ingredient they use to make everything solid, so I added both extra agar-agar and kappa carrageenan. I want to see how it comes up with store bought almond milk instead of cashew milk cause that would drive the price of making it way down!

and the pepperoni is sraight from [this sauce stache video](

I‘ve made pepperoni from seitan before but the flavor wasn’t as good but I prefered the texture to the one in sauce stache‘s video. now I’m thinking about adding the spice mix and the fat chunks from that video to a seitan pepperoni to see if i can get the best of both

@“穴”#p144660 Definitely awaiting this recipe! I’ve been trying to go more vegetarian for environmental reasons, and I love to see stuff like this around here!

made another vegan pizzer! this time it was 2 cheese pesto pizzer. it had a little bread handle.


the 3 cheeses in question are: ricotta made our of marinated tofu. liquid mozarella that I had from trying to replicate the popular Miyoko's vegan liquid cheese and my mozarella recipe that I have been developing.

Do you have a pizza oven? Your crusts look so good

@“rejj”#p145138 I don't but I do have a pizza steel. I only just got it earlier this year as a birthday gift from my mom. it works extremely well with a conventional home oven

Oh hey I’ve been doing the gathering and cooking for a new charity this month. I took photos of the bbq jackfruit tacos I made a couple days ago so I can post it here :o)

I've made bbq jackfruit tacos about four times now, and each time I've been getting better at it.
It's kind of advanced, because basically every step is a struggle to keep the jackfruit as dry as possible, or it will be too mushy. Still yummy enough, but the difference between 7/10 jackfruit tacos and 10/10 is keeping them dry.
This time, I had them nice and blackened, dry and crispy, all the way up until the literal final step before packing it up and heading out the door-- adding the BBQ sauce. I squeezed the everloving juice out of 6 cans of jack fruit. By the end it barely filled the pan it had shrank so much. It was nice and dry, then I added two tbsp of BBQ sauce, which would have been fine, but then I added two more and it became mushy and I needed to cook it out again, but I didn't have enough time.
Still good though. I infused herbs into the oil first, then cooked the onions, peppers, garlic, etc separately while dry frying the jackfruit on high.
Everyone loved it and asked for any plates so I was pleased.

@“HyggeState”#p145347 try zooming in a bit next time

Posted an alpha release of my vegan mozarella recipe over on the recipe thread

Tofurky clearance season can’t come fast enough

Got the jackfruit to look more like it’s supposed to by just…. Treating it so poorly like I was trying to burn it leaving it on high for like 25 minutes on either side haha

This bar’s menu includes “(vg)” in the legend at the bottom as a possible option for items, and has zero items with a (vg) tag.


I’ve been upping my jackfruit game a ton, we meet to make jackfruit stuff multiple times a month lately.

Made some really good jackfruit ceviche/tuna salad and had it on tortas

@“treefroggy”#p153733 I've never cooked with jackfruit before, but I have a tin in the pantry waiting for me to work out what to do with it. Any hints / tips / etc I should know?

@“rejj”#p153844 Jackfruit in the can with brine is a labor intensive process to get cooked down.

1- dump brine and fruit into a colander

2- switch it all up and tear it all apart with your hands

3- put it into cheese cloth or any old cloth and squeeze the shit out of it until it‘s all dry

4- heat cast iron pan to high, no oil, no nothin, and put the jackfruit in there and stir in a ton of salt

5- you’re gonna abuse the jackfruit. it‘s probably not dry enough yet. cook on high heat for 15-20 minutes before flipping or stirring, and repeat for the other side. You can cover it with one of those glass lids that have a hole in it to let the steam out.

6- when it’s blackened (don‘t be afraid of burning it– that’s the goal and it would take an hour to burn), add your oil, butter, and/or just 2 tablespoons of either BBQ sauce, soy sauce, or any other sauce, and stir it in thoroughly and cook until it's dry again.

Basically you just need to get it dry from the brine and its a lot of work. It will shrink-- one can will not seem like so much by the end. Each time I make a jackfruit meal for two people, I use four or five cans.

This is how you get it to the consistency of pulled pork. it's a lot of labor and you really gotta cook the shit out of it and abuse it. squeezing it is the part that uses a lot of muscle.

There are easier ways-- but this is the old fashioned way with basic tools. I've done it over 5 times now and each time I get better.

Keep it simple-- jackfruit absorbs stuff so easily, you will make it too slimy again by adding too much liquid after you worked so hard to get it dry.

@“treefroggy”#p153881 Nice, thanks for this. Over the last year or so I‘ve been deliberately using my cast iron more and more; I’ve transitioned from being a real scaredy cat about it to properly seasoning the pan and just dumping stuff in.

I'll likely give this a go soon!


@“treefroggy”#p153733 jackfruit tuna salad

I recently also made this but had it as the feeling for onigiris. jackfruit is really good. been thinking about buying a whole fresh one and freeze it in batches.