don‘t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get it right the first time. You need to really crank the heat on the cast iron with no oil, which can go against novice cooking comfort zone. but with some practice it will have you understanding how awesome cast irons are and how cooking be in general.

you could use something else too like a flat top grill or whatever.


@“穴”#p153891 feeling for onigiris

yum! you're mexican right, try making ceviche tortas with it, very yummy. my secret recipe for tuna is to use soy sauce (this is how we made tuna when I worked at Jimmy Johns sub shop lol), and kelp seasoning, among the other stuff in your typical jackfruit tuna salad recipe (veganaise that either already is very lemony, or +lemon)


@“穴”#p153891 been thinking about buying a whole fresh one and freeze it in batches.

that is ideal. it's quite cheap bought whole and requires much less cooking down when it's not brined lol.
we've just been getting tens of cans per week from the food bank since no one else has any use for it!


@“treefroggy”#p153898 yum! you’re mexican right, try making ceviche tortas with it, very yummy. my secret recipe for tuna is to use soy sauce

Actually never heard of someone making ceviche tortas but may as well try it. the vegan ceviche i usually make (my mom's recipe) is made with quinoa and is a whole other style of ceviche (i guess more northern, specifically Ensenada style) that i don't think goes well with bread. but the kind of ceviche you made does look appetizing in a torta!


@“treefroggy”#p153898 that is ideal. it’s quite cheap bought whole and requires much less cooking down when it’s not brined lol

yeah. jackfruit season is just starting and i can get a really big one for about 6 bucks over here. I've been watching youtube videos on how to cut them cause i've never done it. there's a vegan taqueria over here that mainly uses mushrooms but has an extremely good jackfruit birria and I want to replicate that. just noticed they have a video on their instagram that kinda shows the process!


@“穴”#p153903 omeone making ceviche tortas

My mistake, I meant to say *tostadas* not tortas lol. Absolute, definitive Freudian Slip moment .😹


@“穴”#p153903 vegan taqueria over here that mainly uses mushrooms

mushroom burrito is what I get while I'm at work!


@“穴”#p153903 jackfruit birria

I've been thinking if I could just get some pineapple I could try and make some jackfruit al pastor tacos.

@“treefroggy”#p153909 lol yeah I was like ‘thats a tostada but maybe he just didn’t had a photo of the torta‘. I googled a bit and apparently ceviche tortas have recently become a thing in Sinaloa.

But nothing surprises me after learning about Mexico City’s SushiTorta

@“穴”#p153913 here in LA when I‘m grilling the homies who have literally made it a part of their personality since middle school to always have a big cup of ceviche just get the tostadas for it because it’s what's always at the grocery store haha.

On the subject of birria, Derek Sarno just put out a new video:

...lordy, I want to try all of it.
Also, I reckon all of these techniques would probably work well with jackfruit like you've been talking about, froggy. Or a combo of mushies and jackfruit.


my girlfriend and I made this today and I'm sad to report it was not very good. it looks great but these mushrooms have a really particular flavour which I was not a fan of, and despite skipping the oven bake it took a long time to make. huge miss imho.

@“tombo”#p156031 oh no! I‘m sorry to hear that, but thanks for reporting back. It’s never fun when food isn't good.

@“rejj”#p156072 hehe it happens! it looks amazing in the video and even in person but the flavor just wasn't it. you might like it though! I would buy the oyster mushrooms and cook them simply to see if you like them first. we might do the recipe with a different kind of mushroom and see how that goes, I like how he finds different uses for each part of it.

today I learned the word Mak, which I gotta remember to use becauyse it's an important concept for cooking when people are micro-managing.

I made this today, with just a few changes due to what I had on hand:

I used a combo of mostly baby spinach with some kale instead of the mustard greens, and after some quick research it seems like a 1:1 mix of onion powder and garlic powder is a decent enough sub for asafoetida so I just did that.

I also tossed my cubed up tofu in a large mixing bowl with a light sprinkle of corn flour and then gave them a real quick toss in a frying pan, just to try and give them a bit of bonus texture before mixing them in with the saag. Also, I don't own a benchtop blender, so I just used my stick/immersion blender and that was just fine.

I‘m no professional food photographer, and I’m just taking quick snaps with my phone‘s camera after plating up on the kitchen bench. It’s kinda hard to make a green gravy look good in a photo:


overall: I liked it. I had to pay attention at the end and adjust some seasoning to lift up the sauce, but Priya even mentions this in the video – it is left that way because if you use paneer instead of tofu that brings a lot of extra salt to the dish.

The video title says “vegetarian”, but if you are using tofu rather than paneer then everything here is vegan.


My new workplace cafeteria is extremely accommodating to me being vegan and it makes me want to cry.

I’m at the library of a research facility/grad school and they have very cheap subsidized meals. They have vegetarian options every day but on my first day they just told me to go there before a certain hour and let them know I’m eating there that day so that if the vegetarian option is not vegan they can separate vegan portion just for me.

Like today they made “tofú a la veracruzana” (usually pescado a la veracruzana) and they set aside a portion of cheeseless beans just for me.

I just wanted to gush about this somewhere


that’s delightful!! it’s nice to feel cared about :D

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New mural art at the good vegan taqueria around here


I’ve been vegetarian for more than 5 years now. I was Vegan for a solid 4 years but lately I’ve been slipping a bit… especially in regards to deserts I’ll have a piece of (non vegan) cake at a birthday party of if my grandma made it.

I’m still grossed out by straight up milk, cheese and eggs though. But if it’s processed in a way that I notice it’s fine for me lol…

Going veg has been a great decision in my life for sure. I just sorta feel more at one with myself (especially my own morality system) and it has absolutely widened my taste for foods. I don’t think I ever tried chickpeas before I went vegetarians and I love them now!!

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