video game t-shirts

saw this post, y’all seen any tshirts?

I absolutely bought this Half Life 2 shirt and wore it a lot circa 2005.

I threw it out because it became too threadbare.

I have 2 shirts for unreleased Popcap game (Bejeweled Adventure and a Mountain goat climbing game). I also tend to buy a shirt for an indie game instead of the actual game when I'm at a convention. those are Gnog (ko-op) and Tunic (Finji)

I also have two shirts from AGDQs, which are usually really well designed. I have a chain chomp and starfox shirt from those.

The National Video Game Museum has this wall

I‘ve seen so many of these kinds of things at thrift stores, but in particular this one, which isn’t about games but might as well be:

@adamazing#3301 need that ridge racer shirt

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I think shane is talking more about stuff like this



but maybe less AI generated

Thanks brandon! Yeah I‘m looking for dumbo town! We’ve all worn video game t-shirts. I'm looking for the stuff that breaks the 4th wall of your video game liking brain.

Two of my Cool Shirts didn't auto display :(

like 2 years ago my cousin gave me this shirt, which I think he's had in his closet forever lol. Likely got it at an old E3, back when we used to sneak in in the early 2000s. Those were the days!



speaking of E3 shirts, I still have two Tomb Raider shirts somewhere that are packaged in vacuum sealed plastic wrap into the shape of an N-Gage.

I actually have quite a bit of gaming shirts haha, but my favorite is this one which cost me close to $100 over 10 years ago.



it's from EditMode or King of Games... they make Nintendo themed apparel but one time they did some Sega joints and I had to get this one!

and I really wish I owned this City Connection shirt:

but I've no idea how to get my hands on one now :( maybe Yahoo auctions? More details from the artist can be found here:

I own this one


and this one


because skeletonsssss

@exodus#3317 sometimes you need to wrap it in </s>[img]url[/img]<e> if there are some weird characters in the url.

this mt dew and doritos shirt I got at pax for scanning a bunch of qr codes with an app is probably the most gamer bullshit thing I own. just perfect

Old pic


Two years ago


I have a ton of game shirts also never paid for a game shirt

Grow your hair back out! Let’s go!

I made a discovery

I bought this shirt in Japan and I'm fond of it.


@adamazing#3343 if that was directed at me, nope never gonna happen again. Balding too hard to grow long hair ever again.