Vita means life

oh geez in case anyone else completely missed it, the adrenaline pspemu on vita has… some really good filters you can turn on? i didn‘t notice that adrenaline menu has tabs (you get to them with L and R). i recommend using the “open system menu” option from the first page of the adr menu, turning off sony’s own bilinear filtering, and then go back into adr's own graphics settings and putting either sharp bilinear (scanliney) or LCD3X (looks like the old psp screen). makes those psp games look like they belong on that beautiful oled!

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@“brillpickle”#p119855 yess!! This is what I been sayin!!

@“connrrr”#p119858 oh sorry if you mentioned it upthread!

i tried to take some screenshots to put for comparison here... i guess the sony filtering doesn't appear in screenshots so this just compares the adrenaline ones. here's the screens and then here's some blown-up screenshots to combat any compression that imgur does.

also i screwed up the order for the second image so hopefully you all can figure them out lol


Pretty neat! definitely an improvement, especially the sharp bilinear filter.

@“exodus”#p119869 yeah! sharp bilinear is real good. i‘ve yet to try the different filters with more 3d-heavy games and see what i prefer, but for these 2d-forward games it’s either that or LCD3X for me. mostly the latter actually, it gives it a real nice texture on the actual screen! the screenshots don't do it justice.

oh and they also have their own smooth graphics function (it's bad imo, but i hate all of those AA/smoothing things). and then they also have f.lux in there for some reason??? a name i hadn't heard since i owned one of those white ibooks! so if you wanna make your screen more bedtime-ready you can turn on the yellow filter (or, inexplicably, a blue filter for when you want to force yourself to stay awake or something)


@“brillpickle”#p119865 oh sorry if you mentioned it upthread!

No don't apologize!!

You made me start to wonder if people decrying the video quality in Adrenaline just had never found the filters menu, or maybe had been using an earlier version before they were added? Anyway, thanks for taking the time to put together a preview for people to better see how they affect things.

they are tricky! they put the little “tabs” at the bottom where you don‘t usually look for tabs! and you can only switch between em with L and R vs left and right! i’m usually good at finding and futzing with settings on these things but i just played like 50 hours of psp and never even found it until i dropped my vita with the settings open and accidentally tabbed lol

I have never owned a sony handheld and thinking about getting a vita. Any advice on which model to get? I would probably hack it and mostly play vita and psp games on it.

@“mindleftbody”#p124067 PCH-1100 model. OLED screen with a removable internal 3G modem that can be swapped out for an SD card reader called the PSVSD (requires it to be hacked). You can also get a ribbon cable that snakes from it to the SIM card port for easy access. This is how I have mine set up.


Perfect, thanks!

I fired up my Vita for the first time in a while last night.

  1. Played the first few missions of Uppers last night. If you like 3D best em ups, this has a great look and feel. The girl pleasing thing is weird but in a punk anime context I didn’t hate it. I’ve heard this game gets repetitive and maybe it does, but the first few fights were super fun. A cool used-to-be-exclusive Vita game.

  2. I played some Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 on here and yeah it’s not as crisp and clean as the console versions but it’s so good! I was sort of amazed the Vita could run it that well. Just kind of reminds me that Vita was early to the party that Switch and Steam deck later popularized, being a handheld that hits more like a full console than a little side dish.

I know this is basically all anyone ever says about the Vita but man Sony could have done so much more with this thing.


Bought my first Vita a few days ago. I’ve owned several PSPs over the years, but never had a Vita. Didn’t know much about it when it launched and wasn’t in the market at the time, so I had no idea how ahead of its time this thing was and how much I would love it. Definitely been a worthwhile purchase already. Got it hacked with 256gb of storage ready to go, and am excited to get this thing decked out!

MGS HD Collection is already loaded, and I’m starting my long awaited MGS 2 replay tonight. Excited to replay 2 & 3 on my Vita. Had no idea this was even possible before a few days ago. Being late to the party in games/tech is like teleporting to the future. Steam Deck has blown my mind with its capabilities. And now here I am a few months later in awe of a machine 10yrs older, but capable of almost everything I was looking for when I got a Deck. (Still love my Deck of course, as it has its own purposes.)

But I can see my new Vita clocking a significant of my 2024 gaming time given it can handle a number of the games I’ve been planning to play this year, and I always prefer to play handheld if I can. It’s cozy idk, just always had an extra affinity for handhelds, and Vita just shot up as a contender for my favorite!


Ah yeah here we go!


I assume this is no coincidence

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I’ve been on a mission to play through MGS 1-3 since last year when the latest collection was announced. Played all of them back when they first came out and haven’t played them since, so figured it’d be a good time to do so. Finished MGS on my Series X last October, then was about to start Sons of Liberty on my Steam Deck and just got sidetracked with other gaming plans. So after looking into the Vita and learning it has its own MGS HD Collection, I knew the universe was telling me it’s time to resume my MGS replay journey and the Vita is how I shall proceed with Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater.

Thrilled that this thread exists; the Vita is absolutely the best.

My strong MUST PLAY GAMES desire tends to wax and wane through cycles influenced by who-knows-what, and in those times that it wanes for the last couple years, I’ve always still had my Vita with me—it’s one of the things I always carry in my purse

Vita games, PSP through Adrenaline and everything else through Retroarch (heck it even has Open Xcom as homebrew!) means more or less everything I want to play in the quick moments I carve out to play is right there

An example is like, last year was a year of like, wild dichotomies. Awful job stuff in December, lots and lots of international travel and my wife got to start a job she loved! In all of those events, my Vita was like my best friend and kept me incredibly close company:

  • Waiting at the airport for various reasons? I’ll play a game of Pro Yakyuu Spirits
  • On a 13 hour flight where nothing else can hold my attention? Finish a PSP game and play a PCE-CD game on my Vita
  • Waiting in the car to pick up my wife from work? Puyo Tetris!

Broken down across the total hours of video games I played in 2023, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Vita was 85% of the total time.

Anywho sorry to go on at length but I just had to write a love letter to my Vita :sweat_smile:


Yes!!! There ain’t nothing like it! I actually do keep stats over my video-gamin’, so I crunched some numbers…

Apparently, 104 (36%) out of the 286 games I’ve played in the last 4½ years were played on Vita. Only four of those were Vita games, however – 31× PS1, 21× NES, 8× GBA, 6× SNES, and the rest a motley crew of other systems. (Among them, one PC-98 game – I’m fairly certain I’m the only one to ever successfully play a PC-98 game on Vita, because oh boy did it ever require some digital wrestling.) The Vita really revolutionized my video gaming habits – I get through an order of magnitude more retro games thanks to it! …And I barely even take it with me anywhere!

I love that you’re playing Pro Yakyū Spirits! I’ve myself fallen down the Power Pros hole this year (it even got me into baseball; first time I find myself caring about a sport) – from what I understand, they’re practically the same foundational baseball game, decked out in different metagames and coats of paint. I’m utterly unable to play the Vita versions, though – the Vita’s stick is so small and sensitive that you’d need to play it with tweezers to position the ball cursor with even a modicum of precision.


Oh yeah PYS 2019/20 is probably my most played game over the last, gosh, 2 years or so in terms of amount-of-times-booted-up because the Vita can just suspend mid-game and I can pick up the same at-bat days later, so I’ll play a couple innings of a game on the train or bus stop or whatever!

And yep yep PYS is more or less a sister game to Power Pros, but just as a simulation of NPB with real players (including a season management mode) and less goofy physics compared to Power Pros–I’m a big baseball fan and in my youth I fell in love with the Swallows when my beloved Mets signed current Marines manager Masato Yoshii, so I’ve been playing every NPB game I could get my hands on since then (shoutouts to Greatest Nine '98 on my Saturn back in the day for being my first)


Vita homebrew ports running on hd crt. Looks nice!

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