What's in the mail?

Over the last year, or especially over the last year I should say, I‘ve unsurprisingly been getting a lot more of my games junk through the mail. I feel that’s there's a special kind of joy reserved for getting a knock on the door from the mailman with a parcel, and I wanted to share that here and see what everyone else is getting.

A couple of recents for me: a pile of loose Super Famicom and a few N64 games.


Followed by today's delivery that I'm extremely excited for. I've been dying to get a hold of these for literally decades.


What's in your mail?

a week or so ago I got a copy of Valis III (PC Engine!) in the mail, and am currently waiting on a copy of Ihatovo Monogatari and Chrono Trigger - will update with pictures when all three are here! These three are all the first Japanese copies of games I've ever bought, so I feel like this is like the next step in my life as a Capital-G Gamer. Very excited!

Oh, fun thread! I recently had a copy of Robbit Mon Dieu shipped from Japan. I had a little trouble locating this game via…less physical means…so I figured why not! Here’s a re-post from the Last Letter Game thread:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/lmL2yj7.jpeg]

I’m anticipating some other good things from MiSTer postman very soon…

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/5ZCIZXM.jpeg]

Been putting together an arcade cabinet for several months and it's coming together. Just got the last electronics. I'll need to buy a pair of add-on dongles in September when Brooks releases them for PS5 compatibility (instead of just in Dual Shock 4 mode which means I can't use it for PS5 games).

Sticks are Sanwa JFLs. Buttons are 30mm Semitsus. I put the thin neoprene silencer bumpers in all of them. Some people will tell me that's sacrilegious, but those people don't live in my house where I don't want to wake up 4 kids.

I also commissioned a buddy who is a graphic designer to do some custom art for the control panel and the marquee. I'm pretty excited about finishing it up. Should be done by August.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/lhs3gfx.jpeg]

My last mail day was for a physical copy of P3 FES(this one is still cheap but I’ve noticed copies have crept up about $10 somewhat recently…) and the Black Frost nendo that just came out!

@“sabertoothalex”#p36659 Did you buy that box new or did you shrink wrap it yourself? Nice grab if it's mint, and beautiful condition if used!!

Oh - I‘ve been getting copies of GQ magazine and I don’t know why. I posted a thread about it.

@“Funbil”#p36661 I got it new! Nocturne, P3 FES, P4, and the DDS games are all still pretty easy to get cheap brand new. The prices are slowly creeping up but they're still sub-$50. The Raidou Devil Summoner games ballooned up to $100+ though.

I’ve been enjoying ‘90s video game magazines coming in the mail from the Video Game History Foundation.

I haven’t gotten anything retro/vintage/collectible in a while, but I did get this today:

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/8MOSN6l.jpeg]

Kind of feels like I got an OLED Switch already…lol

Nice little purple cube in the post today!

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/Sg3Ff6P.jpeg]

I usually just post my mailbag pickups over in Hardware Showoff, but yeah no need to micromanage I‘ll dump ’em here next time! I‘ve got some epic scores on the way.

Earlier this month I’ve received:

  • - Original 1997 Digital Monster vpet
  • - Miny "First Edition" cartridge of Pokemon Blue. that means my old minty Pokemon Blue is up for grabs btw. It has the newer ESRB logo with the black letter. I Needed the old one to match my box, and since it's the first game I ever got, it's perfectly imprinted on my brain, so when there's a perfect match it slots right in to my pleasure receptors. Usually I don't even care about US copies!
  • This stuff came in recently. I've been having a good ole time with Asha in Monster World. Shadows of Destiny was a late night impulse buy after having read some spoilery stuff about it. Looking forward to checking it out.

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/wZk6Ih3l.jpeg]

    This is an input card I got off ebay to juice up my tv with RGB capability. I've slotted it in, but haven't given it much playtime yet. I've been on composite all my life so we'll see if I even like the clarity and sharpness.

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/ThNCTb0l.jpeg]

    @“seasons”#p37014 ahhhh I love Hard Eight! Never seen a VHS copy before, love the box art.

    @“seasons”#p37014 I recognize an RPG input card for a JVC when I see one! Welcome brother to the world of JVC RGB 123 You and Me Together We'll Be

    @“Funbil”#p36625 The gang's finally all here - with TWO secret new additions!![upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/FSXLz5P.jpeg]

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/E8vjYUJ.jpeg]

    @“Funbil”#p37468 REALLY love that box art for Ihatovo Monogatari! Is the manual just as good-looking?

    @“Chris_v”#p37482 Oh man, I keep meaning to get Etrian Mystery Dungeon. It was even being sold for £5 by the publisher a couple of years ago and I somehow missed out on it.

    @“Karasu”#p37492 It is!! A lot of unique illustrations I haven‘t seen before (not that I’ve looked much though, I guess?) and surprisingly, a lot of real-life pictures of places they used as references for the in-game locations. Of the five games here, Ihatovo's manual absolutely has the most personality