What's That Game? (20 Questions Edition)


@yeso#16795 Is this game commonly known to the non-game-obsessive NA/EU audience?

I don't think so, no.


@saddleblasters#16796 ok, new strategy: does the game’s title occur alphabetically before “Milo’s Astro Lanes”?

Yes it does.

6 Questions remain... getting close here.

Does the game use first person perspective?


@CidNight#16802 Does the game use first person perspective?

It does not.

5 Questions Remain.

To summarize the info so far…

"Two games for the price of one."

What it is:

It's a Japanese Nintendo 64 game released after January 1st, 1995.
It has 3D graphics.
It's a part of a series and is not the first iteration of that series.
It has some form of multiplayer component.
Its title, alphabetically, would be ordered before Milo's Astro Lanes.
It is some manner of obscure to the North American and European audience.

What it isn't...

It is not Ys Book I & II.
It is not The Medium.
It's not a remake or re-release.
It's not an RPG or a racing game.
It's not a single game with two different playstyles... exactly.
It also does not feature gameplay from a 1st person perspective.

I also allowed more than just Yes or No Questions, although I'm trusting the Insert Credit Gang to ask questions that don't circumvent the spirit of the game.

With 5 Questions left these last few questions really gotta count! Maybe 20 is too few?

is it Kyojin no Doshin Kaihō Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishūgou?


@saddleblasters#16861 is it Kyojin no Doshin Kaihō Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishūgou?


Guesses do not count as questions, so still 5 left!

Ok, the post-1995 release date is not useful if it's for the N64, so was it released after January 1, 1999? Edit: forget the yes/no question. What was the release year?

What territories was it released in?


@saddleblasters#16864 Ok, the post-1995 release date is not useful if it’s for the N64, so was it released after January 1, 1999?

I'll consider this a freebie considering the redundancy between asking if it was post 1995 and that it was a Nintendo 64 game, but no, it was originally released before January 1st, 1999.


@saddleblasters#16864 What territories was it released in?

It was released in, in order, Japan, North America, and then the EU.

As a combo data point, the original domestic release and the North American release was before January 1st 1999, but the EU release was after.

4 Questions Remain.

@saddleblasters#16864 I just saw your edit!

It was released domestically in 1997, in North America in 1998, and in Europe in 1999.

Since guesses don‘t count, I’m going to throw out “Flying Dragon”

ok, i feel pretty confident about this one! is it Flying Dragon/Hiryu No Ken Twin?

ahhhh! kory beat me!

@saddleblasters#16873 lol I hadn't even heard of this one until today!

Since I am pretty confident this is the answer, I will defer to you @saddleblasters if you would like to host--I may only be on the forum sporadically for the next few days, so I dont want to kill the momentum!!


@kory#16871 Since guesses don’t count, I’m going to throw out “Flying Dragon”


I thought @saddleblasters was gonna zero in on it when they asked if it was a single game with two different playstyles... the two game modes have so little to do with each other that I really had to hesitate to say no. It really is more like two different games on one cartridge. Sorry @saddleblasters if you were thinking of _Flying Dragon_ with that question!

Your turn!

Or, yes, @saddleblasters#16873 is up if you're okay with that!

And I, as the God of this thread, grant both @kory and @saddleblasters 4 points, for getting the right game with 4 Questions remaining, before I could confirm the answer.


1st Place - 4 Points
TIE between @saddleblasters and @kory

@kory if you‘re only going to be on sporadically, maybe we could co-host or something? e.g. you pick the game, i give out the hints? you got there first, so i feel like you’ve gotta get some kind of reward! (i‘m also completely ok with playing again as a “contestant” (if we’re going with the game show metaphor) – i thought this was really fun)

@Gaagaagiins#16877 i had crossed Flying Dragon off my list earlier, but for a much stupider reason!!! i didn't realize that it was a sequel. it wasn't until i looked through moby games again more carefully after your last round of hints that i saw the japanese title and realized that this had to be the game! oh well

@saddleblasters#16883 @Gaagaagiins no worries saddle, you can go ahead!

I was originally banking on the n64 Goemon sequel...it seemed to match almost everything, but I was hung up on the fact that the mecha section is actually first person. The split between the NA, EU, and US release dates really clinched it though...lets just say the number "1999" started to look really weird to me after staring at the wikipedia N64 release chart for way too long

@saddleblasters#16883 I had a lot of fun too!! I'll be gunning for the right answer just to get to be the host again! I kept scratching my head at the screenshot threads and thought I would have more fun with something more interactive/collaborative.

And what a thrilling conclusion. I think if you'd had one or two more fruitful questions like "does it have RPG elements" you would have re-evaluated it earlier. I could scarcely believe it when I saw @kory's clutch win from out of nowhere, you were literally one minute too late!

Thanks everyone!

@kory#16885 yeah, i also had the Goemon sequel on my list of possibilities! i had whittled it down to the following list, but none of them felt right:

Bomberman 64
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack
Bomberman Hero
Chameleon Twist 2
Doraemon: Nobita to 3-tsu no Seireiseki
Fighter Destiny 2
Goemon's Great Adventure
Harvest Moon 64
Kyojin no Doshin Kaihō Sensen Chibikko Chikko Daishūgou

i tried the doshin sequel/expansion/whatever that was because it seemed like it might sort of match the theme (though i guess it's more a case of one game for the price of two...)

of course it was none of these!

if @kory is completely ok with it, then i'll think a new game up and give the first hint out tomorrow morning.