Why do I fill up my tea cup to the brim every time

Like, I know I‘m either gonna spill it or have to be super careful walking upstairs with it but I just want as much tea as I can get in one go!? But it’s stupid. a couple CM less in the cup and I can walk wherever I want with the thing. And I can always go back and make more tea. Why do I do it.

Okay the real issue is: I put in an okay amount of water for tea, I just always wind up adding more milk than I think I'm gonna.

But how to stop oneself

fill up to the brim and wait a few minutes for some to evaporate. satisfaction of full cup without spill risk.

HMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm it's an idea

start with the milk

oh!! there's an idea

I would have this problem if I didn't drink my coffee black and my tea plain.

@exodus#533 you know that when enough has evaporated to safely pick up, it is just about the right temperature to drink.

This kind of thread is why I joined this forum!!

My solution might not work for everyone, but since I make filter coffee at home, I have a scale on the table that I use every day. So I got in the habit of placing my cup on the scale whether I'm making coffee (where the scale is needed) or tea (not needed). My mug holds about 370 ml, so I pour 300 ml of water, then add milk if needed. I always do 300 ml whether it's coffee or tea.

So perhaps get a bigger mug and pour a bit less...? ("That's only gonna make me wanna fill up this bigger mug" is a valid response, I'm afraid)

Hmm, knowing the exact amount of water I need is not a bad idea - I have a leaky faucet, so I‘m always just using whatever water dripped out through the night (I’m fixing it soon, but things being what they are it‘s taking more time to find parts than I’d like).

But knowing myself the likelihood of me actually measuring with anything other than my eyes is pretty slim. simply "pouring less" seems like a good solution, and we'll try that out today, and perhaps tomorrow I will try adding milk first :P

You could put your cup on a scale and measure it without needing a measuring jug. That‘s what people do for coffee. The only problem is a hario scale is like $75. You could justify the spent by saying you’ll use it for other things like making food! https://www.hario.com/seihin/productgroup.php?group=VST-2000B

I think if I needed a scale I might never drink tea again :o

being able to walk properly up stairs with a full cup of tea is how you become a True Fancy Lady

i fill up my teacup with a lot of milk too and i just sip it off the top, if youve truly put too much milk in it won't be too hot

so i just lean down to the counter and sip my tea without picking it up. if youre concerned with looking silly in your own home your fill-level is the least of your worries

At home it helps to have a big bottle of water next to the tea. I agree, somehow the idea of a single cup just never feels like enough, no matter how full it is.

In studio I'm now only filling up my cups halfway, because I always forget I am carrying them and then splish splash everywhere.

I keep meaning to get a good glass vessel for making a big vat of corn tea or mugicha or something that I can just keep at my desk. this is a good plan that I should look into.

but I've (this year) really gotten into the idea of afternoon tea with milk as a productivity booster, so I still need to sort that out! (decaf tea since unfortunately I can't deal with caffeine)

BTW I have not learned my lesson

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/hvBp3dt.jpg]

Can you take the milk with you to your desk and add it when the cup is safely positioned? Maybe in a tiny little glass. I have some cute little glasses for this kind of purpose. Mostly reused nutella jars and ikea candle holders. But also a very nice plastic one I got in Trier at a Christmas market that was for gluhwein. That one's handy cause it has a 25cl marking line on the top.

Man, I used to have a mug with a pattern of rings on the inside. Made calculating the amount of tea/milk so easy, because when I'm flying blind I always screw it up…

if i were pouring water for my tea i would simply stop when it had reached an appropriate level.