you don't give up, do you, "stretchy"? - The IC jeopordy battle

hello everyone - I‘m looking to start a jeopardy type game for the forum. It’ll be over twitch and prizes will be awarded at some point as with the other games.

video game king and 穴 were kind enough to help with a test stream last week. Lag and audio issues identified at that time should now be straightened out

Do we have 4 players willing to give a full game a try? LMK in the thread if you're interested and what time windows work for you

talking is optional, players can participate entirely through chat

can accommodate 4 active players, and others are of course welcome to spectate

["you don’t give up, do you, "stretchy"? - The IC jeopardy battle ","you don’t give up, do you, "stretchy"? - The IC jeopordy battle "]

I'm still open for the same time as the last one (8 PM EST).

# yeah

love the idea! but since i‘m on Opposite Time, i can’t in good conscience commit to being a player. i would do my best to spectate, however.

Is Jeopardy the one with the wheel of fortune?

I would like to be involved in this somehow. Maybe as a guest host, or a category writer, or in the weird middle segment where the contestants are interviewed. Or like, one of those guys who sends in video clues

I am english and I‘ve never seen Jeopardy but “what is [blank]” is one of my favourite jokes so I’d definitely watch live, or at least a VOD if it's streamed.

i‘m not sure if i’ll be able to make it this/next week, but i'll try to spectate!

My schedule fluctuates, as ever, though I would love to at least spectate! If you nail down a specific date and time I’ll see if I can be there

I'd love to participate if game day should fall on next Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday but otherwise would seize the chance to spectate!


I didn't order anything from Siam and Siam is no longer in existence.

clicked in thinking this would be a Longmont Potion Castle appreciation thread. oops! this seems like a fun idea that I'd love to watch along with.


@“whatsarobot”#p75262 i’m on Opposite Time

I'm a habitual early riser, so we can do a morning USA/evening japan/aus/nz match at some point

@"Jaffe"#p75281 definitely - you should drop (or play) in when we get the match together to see how it works and what we can improve

@"fivedollardare"#p75314 I got a little emotional during a trebeck call on one of the recent albums bc he was patched in with another victim and was bemusedly explaining what was happening, then said, wistfully: 'we'll catch him some day..."

do we have 4 players who can pencil in Thurs 6/30 @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific?


@“yeso”#p75399 do we have 4 players who can pencil in Thurs 6/30 @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific?

I'm open but that could change somewhat quickly--can you put me down as 3/4s committed? As in, I'll most likely be able to do it but I would have no problem if I were to be put at the top of the waitlist if one were to form


@“yeso”#p75399 Thurs 6/30 @ 8pm Eastern

Put me on your list (unless we can get Video Game King, Syzygy, Chazumaru, and exodus together in the room (and kory, gsk, CopySave... (Ruby Sunrise, idk, winners of The Forum Game, you're all very knowledgeable...)))

just another PSA: we're going to give the Insert Creopardy!™ game a shot on

Thurs 6/30 @ 8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific

@“yeso”#p75841 I'm still ostensibly free and able to make that time, and also still fine with being waitlisted!

context: I'm hoping to hear back about a job, and they said they were gonna let me know last week, but scheduling issues meant they didn't get the recruitment process done. I should know... soon... but I guess if they're gonna offer me the job tomorrow or Wednesday that I'm not gonna be starting this week anyway.

thursday thursday thursday (aka today)

8pm Eastern / 7pm Central / 5pm Pacific

I'll post a link to the stream here when I'm home from work

@“yeso”#p76320I‘ve got good news and bad news: The Good News is that I’m down to do this tonight!!! ~the ~bad ~news ~is ~that ~I ~didnt ~get ~the ~job ~but ~thats ~more ~just ~bad ~news ~for ~me