You telling me a Dragon made this Dogma(2)??

Dragon's Dogma 2 is dropping in two days! The original is a favorite of obtusely designed fantasy video game sickos everywhere and I am very much looking forward to this sequel. Never finished the first one but always enjoyed my time in it. What are you looking forward to about it? Any worries or hopes?

Recommended reading: former Giant Bomb and Waypoint writer Austin Walker, probably the #1 Dragon's Dogma sicko out there, wrote a [fun article]( about four different thoughts he has had about this new game.

I also want to make a list of Pawn IDs for the different platforms so we can all share Pawns! Show the community your little freaks!!!

Pawn ID:

I am indeed looking forward to it

I have DD2 placed on hold at my library. I've never played the first game despite owing a copy on 360 - it was $2 so…

IC: tomjonjon, PSN: tomjonjon

My worry is that it won‘t run well on the steam deck as that’s my only PC gaming platform. I‘m assuming it’ll work as other RE Engine games run very nicely on it but until it's out I will have to wait.

Otherwise just excited for a sequel that took far too long to come out!

I am looking forward to it, yes… however I do not like this bit:

While there is something to be said about being caught up in the moment and the conversation when something releases, I'm also tempted to just wait a bit and maybe catch it on a minor sale.

Besides, I have no shortage of other games I have and want to play already. I'm not going to artificially rush my _Pathologic 2_ playthrough, so _DD2_ probably will be delayed for me at least until I'm done there.

Which, selfishly, is fine by me. You can all have your pawns run around and learn all sorts of cool things and then they'll be able to help me when I invite them in to my world.

@“Tom of the Fog”#p158777

Sadly, [Eurogamer]( just reported that the game's "rock-bottom quality settings only get the Steam Deck to **9-10fps**." Looks like those of us bound to the Deck are gonna have to sit this one out.

Sure would be nice to have a Killer Gaming PC for this one.

@“tuxedomonk”#p158818 Drats I was afraid of that. As much as I loved the original and Dark Arisen, I couldn‘t handle performance that slow.

Hopefully they’ll do something to help it run on the deck in the future.

@“tuxedomonk”#p158818 I’ve also seen some stuff on Twitter suggesting the console versions run with an unlocked, wildly fluctuating framerate that rarely if ever reaches 60fps so I might take this as an excuse to take a break from huge RPGS once I’m done with FFVII Rebirth and catch up on stuff like that new Prince of Persia and Ufouria 2. Can’t wait to play this whenever I can afford to build a new PC though!

I never played the first one, but I have been hearing enough about the design approach to make me think this is very much my thing. I don‘t do a lot of Day One moment-sharing, but I’m letting myself do so with this, and my Xbox name is Salloumi9. See you(r pawns) out there!

The performance complaints sure are familiar from remembering the reaction to the first game. I think Dragon‘s Dogma on PS3 was the only time I have ever noticed a game’s framerate and thought “oh, I guess that's what people mean when they complain about this stuff.” That still didn‘t stop it from being one of my favorite games. Buuut all I have now is a PC that doesn’t even meet the minimum requirements, so yeah kinda worried.

My greatest fear is that it will not have any electric guitars in it. But I am pretty sure they will be there.

I‘m installing it now and I’ve got the day off!


@“Spark”#p158995 My greatest fear is that it will not have any electric guitars in it

unfortunately it does not open with a rockin tune, but it does have a quote from Balzac lol

can someone i trust tell me how this performs on the ps5

@“MoH”#p159040 not hitting 60 fps on an action game sucks. Whilst the frame rate is super jarring at first I personally adapt to it after some time.

I'm still early in the game so I haven't seen anything crazy intensive. Not sure if I'm someone you trust lol but I suspect opinions may vary.

@“MovingCastles"#p159060 i trust you with my life. thank you

@“MoH”#p159067 I will always protect you. Thank you.

have a couple of early thoughts:

  • *

    carries forward the 8-bit feeling that the original was somehow able to elicit, meaning: it‘s not over florid in all regards (plot, dialogue, setting, visual overload, mechanics). It’s minimally directive. When you talk to an NPC it‘s about as terse and/or epigrammatic as talking to an npc in like Zelda II for instance. So far the game seems not have caught any of the Open World Disease that’s been going around. The only semi-annoyance is frequent tutorial popups, but by contemporary standards those seem minimal

  • *

    combat is fun and goofy. There's some physical weight to the bodies bouncing around so at times it feels almost like playing _Madden_ but everyone is armed

  • *

    OK I like the high five mechanic, but it needs to be patched. Terrific when it works like it should, but your pals sometimes initiate the high five from an unreasonable distance which makes it awkward. They need to tighten that range by several meters

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    Nice to see some _Pathologic 2_ influence wrt to NPCs who need to talk to you will just chase you the heck down, and also the game has compounding damage penalties (reduces your health at both ends of the bar)

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    Running the game on a Ryzen 7 / 4700 @ 1440 - Max settings (with DLSS) at steady 60 everywhere except the big city, which wavers down to feels like 40s at times. Not really an issue imo because when you're in town you're walking/talking/hanging out rather than fighting

  • >

    @“yeso”#p159076 Running the game on a Ryzen 7 / 4700 - Max settings (with DLSS) at steady 60 everywhere except the big city, which wavers down to feels like 40s at times. Not really an issue imo because when you’re in town you’re walking/talking/hanging out rather than fighting

    What resolution are you playing at? (and which base resolution / dlss quality mode are you using?) I ask since I grabbed a new gpu last year and got a rtx 4070, but still have my 4-5 year old cpu which is an i7 8700K. That pairing has been _fine_ for me so far, but I think this year anything New and Big is likely to push hard enough that my cpu can no longer keep up even if the gpu is good enough. Curious how reasonable it will be to try and play DD2 on this pc.