Credits, where credits due

English is my second language, so I wanted t make sure before I asked:
Is the name poking fun at:
A: Games using credit instead of coin.
B: People like me
C: Other
(I made it multiple choice, because TV and movies told me you love those )
The first result i got was: How to add "credits" (like arcade game) whenever insert coin is pressed? - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

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The name is a reference to the “Insert Credit” prompt seen on the opening screen of many classic arcade machines!


The answer is definitively A, but now I’m curious:

To my knowledge, I don’t think it has ever occurred to anyone that the name could be taken as poking fun at anyone. Would you mind explaining how you came to think it meant it was poking fun at people like yourself? I don’t really speak any language other than English so I can’t even think of any way it would come off like that.

Also, what’s your first language? That might make things more clear.

Not to mention, depending on what your first language is, there are a handful of people who speak English as a second language on the forum, and even a few dedicated posts for people to talk either in their first languages or in those languages as a second language for practice. There’s one for Spanish and another one for French. They’re not that active but that could always change if more people started to use them.

Welcome to the forum community :)


Thank you! And: I just meant anal-retentive(? still 2nd language) people, like me. Sorry for making it seem like there was this whole “language barrier”-thing going on(Norwegian, btw)… I DO love Insert Credit, though!


I have always wondered, what are some specific games that do this? I’m sure I’ve seen it, but I can’t remember any off the top of my head, and “Insert Coin” definitely seems much more common. When I try to Google it, I just get links to this website…


Technically you insert a coin to get a credit. Name makes no sense, whole website’s busted. @exodus has realised this and it’s why he’s in hiding at the moment.


Me, last weekend: “more like inert credit, amirite?”

but yeah, ever since @Dunkr conditioned me to always be on the lookout for names same as games I’ve been paying attention to arcade title screens to see if any implore you to “Insert Credit” and I can’t recall actually seeing one!

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Oh… I see!!

No worries, I wanted to be thorough in my response just in case there was in fact something about the name that was unintentionally hostile. Also I was secretly hoping that Insert or Credit meant something dirty in another language.

I don’t think we have any other Norwegians on the forum, but I could be wrong! Let’s all give a warm welcome to our newest member who is from the best country in Scandinavia, hehe…

I was just at the arcade like a week ago and noticed whatever I was playing said “Insert Credit” instead of coin and I was like awwww yeah. Can’t remember what the heck it was though!