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@milo#21859 so I actually have access to photoshop. Is photoshop the right option if you’ve got it?

@CidNight#21862 If you have photoshop you should be good. For other alternatives though, clipstudio paint is also a solid choice. It is fairly affordable compared to the other paid stuff, and it is pretty robust.

Thanks for the great advice! I’ll play around with photoshop. I know it’s structured similarly to Illustrator which should help me acclimate to it more quickly.

@jUAN how come there's none of your art in this thread!!!


@jUAN#21866 clipstudio paint is also a solid choice. It is fairly affordable compared to the other paid stuff


oh, baby!

oh man, I really miss artist alleys at conventions… I have a whole closet full of prints I buy lol, just to support the artist. I always tell myself I should put them on my walls but rarely ever do…

two pieces I do have up... one is this:


by the artist Kaiami, you can buy it here:

another piece I have up is one I posted in the Show Me Sega thread, it's this NiGHTS poster by Kinuko


again I have a closet full of stuff... I'll post a few faves later :)

Clip Studio is what I use and $25 is a dang steal!


Do you use it on the computer? I've been messing around with Procreate for a little bit and I'm pleasantly surprised at what it can do.

@SuperEffective#22069 this makes me so happy

@SuperEffective#22075 I was actually using the subscription version on iPad for a while and that one worked pretty great! It‘s got some nice touch controls although they’re not as robust as those featured in Procreate. Eventually though I ended up buying a 22-inch Huion tablet monitor for my PC and now I draw with Clip Studio on that. Seemed a little silly to keep up a subscription when you can just buy the PC version outright for real cheap. Plus I like working on a larger surface, I don‘t have to charge the pen, and it’s easier for me to navigate files and import brushes and stuff on PC.

By the way, if you've ever wanted a Wacom Cintiq and the price kept you away, Huion and XP-Pen are offering some great competition for less than half the price, if you're willing to take a hit on screen resolution and touch controls. [My Huion]( was $500!!! No hotkeys but my brother recently moved out of state and let me keep his old [Razer Tartarus keypad ]( fills that niche beautifully.

@GigaSlime#22090 yeah I have a simple Wacom tablet with no screen - it was like $100 - that my work bought for me for doing some stuff in illustrator. I recognize if I wanted to get serious with digital art at all I’d need a tablet with a built in screen.

@CidNight#22093 Not necessarily, I‘ve definitely known my share of galaxy brain artists who make do with the no-screen kind. But once you’ve tasted the good stuff it's hard to go back.


Yeah, some people like the no screen tablets because their hand doesnt obscure the drawing. Both ways have worked out for me, but I prefer the iPad.

Nice! Thanks for the tip. I'm in need of a serious computer update, but I've been really curious about that brand for a while so thanks for the recommendation.

@GigaSlime#22071 Good, I snagged it and don't have a tablet yet lol

So I just did this quick album cover for a buddy of mine. This is his bandmate's old prom pic and he wanted me to replace the date with a Waifu so I decided to draw Monika because I had just played Doki Doki memorial when he asked.


@treefroggy#22488 Thats what im talkin about

Continuing on SheRa requests from small children.


requests from small children

Have to.